Guild Guide: Guild Housing

Guild Housing

Guilds are able to own a single guild house. Changing a house into a guild house is very easy. First, a guild leader must acquire a house. Once the house is ready, a guild deed can be purchased from an NPC in the market area. Only the Guild Leader (Rank 0) may upgrade a house that he or she owns to become a guild house. The guild leader may then drop the guild deed onto his/her house to upgrade it.

If your home has housing vaults or a consignment merchant previous to the upgrade, these items will NOT transfer when you upgrade your home to be a guild house. If you desire to transfer these items, you must pick them up and trade them from your inventory separate of the home itself.

Once a house has been made into a guild hall, it remains a guild hall and the property of the guild. The house cannot be returned to private home status, nor can it be sold to another player or guild. Guilds that wish to move their guild hall must wait until their old hall is repossessed before they can establish a new one.

Guild leaders can set permissions on guild halls and are considered the owners of the hall. If a guild has multiple guild leaders, they are treated equally as owners. A guild may only own one guild hall. Guild houses may be upgraded or downgraded the same way that private homes may.

For more information, please consult our Housing Manual ►.


Guild House Commands

  Command Description  
  /housepickup Automatically picks up and places all decorations from your house and garden into available space in your inventory. It will only pick up decoration objects - not Merchants, Vaults, or Tradeskill Tools.  
  /boot [playername] Kicks a player out of your house  
  /bountyrent [personal | guild] [amount] This will allow players to directly pay for their house rent with bounty points, rather than purchasing tokens which may not be correct in value.  
  /house Delves the target house.  
  /houseface [guildname | lot number] Points to the specified guildhouse of the guild noted, or the lot number noted in the command. /houseface alone will point to one's personal home.  
  /housefriend all Allows everyone to enter the home  
  /housefriend [player | guild | guildlevel] [Player's or Guild Rank's Name] Adds a player, guild, or guildlevel to your house friends list.  
  /househelp Brings up the housing manual in-game  
  /houseloc [lot number] When in the same region as a given lot, /houseloc (lot number) will tell you the owner's name, the zone name, and the x and y coordinates within that zone.  
  /listmerchant Toggles whether or not your merchant's items are included in the Player Market Database  
  /settle [value] You may pull less than the full value of cash off of your consigment merchant with this command. Note: Values given in coppers (i.e. /settle 20000 results in removing 2 gold from the consigment merchant)  
  /webdisplay house Toggles your house's information displayed on the Herald on or off