Guild Guide: Getting Started

Starter Guilds

In Dark Age of Camelot, community is a very important aspect of the game.  When you create a character, you will automatically be placed into a guild with other characters who are just starting out. These guilds are known as starter guilds, or newbie guilds.

To speak in these guilds, use the command /guild or /gu followed by your text. To see who is currently online in your guild, type /gc who.

There is one starter guild per realm: Clan Cotswold in Albion, Tir na Nog Adventurers in Hibernia, and Mularn Protectors in Midgard.

These guilds are unlike others in that they do not have guild leaders, emblems, or ranks. They are a means for you to communicate with other new players while you're learning your way around the early levels of the game.

Please note that you can technically remain in these guilds for the life of your character, should you choose to do so. Being automatically put in a guild at creation gives you an instant chat group and a sense of community with the other players around you. You can discard this guild at any time, (by typing /gc quit) and join a player-run guild when you meet and are invited to a player-run guild that suits you.

Finding a Guild

When you find yourself without a guild, you can flag yourself as looking for a guild using the command /lfguild. Once you have used the /lfguild command, the flag will remain on until typing /lfguild again or until joining a guild. If you have flagged yourself as looking for a guild, your character's name will be displayed to authorized guild leaders in the new Social Interface, which is described in more detail in the "Social Interface And News System" section.

Starting your Own Guild

To form a guild, you must first form a full party of eight players, none of whom can already be guilded. The person who is going to be the guild leader must visit the Guild Registrar NPC, found in the major cities of your realm. Each person must be in the same zone as the Guild Registrar. The group leader must select the Guild Registrar and type /gc form. Note that your guild's name must be unique. You cannot use a guild name that is already in use on your server. It costs one gold piece to start a guild. The money is deducted from the pocket of the character speaking to the Guild Registrar. Each member of the guild will receive a dialogue box asking if they accept membership in the new guild. Once all members have accepted, the guild is formed.

Once the guild is formed, the group leader becomes Guild Master. All other members are automatically given a rank of 9 and no powers within the guild. All guild powers belong to the guild master, unless the guild master assigns powers to other members by way of rank privileges. A full listing of guild commands can be found under the 'Guild Commands' section.

Guilds can form together in alliances, and will share a common Alliance chat channel. For information on forming an alliance, there is a full listing of commands under the "Alliance Commands" section.