Guild Guide: Alliances


Alliances are important to the integrity and relationships of guilds within the your realm. They are a way of opening up communication to likeminded guilds, and a way to expand friendships and forge allies in battle within the game.

Forming an alliance

  • Players must be a guild master or otherwise authorized rank in order to issue or accept an alliance invitation.

  • The guild master issuing the invitation must target the person who represents the guild being invited.

  • If there isn't already an established alliance, the inviting guild master's guild becomes the alliance leader, and is listed on the Herald as such.

  • Alliances are limited to one leader guild and and 20 subordinate guilds, for a total of 21 guilds in the alliance.

  • It is the responsibility of individual member guilds to set /gc achear and /gc acspeak privileges for each of the ranks within their guilds.

Alliance Commands

  Command Description  
  /gc aaccept Accept an alliance invitation  
  /gc acancel Cancel an alliance invitation  
  /gc adecline Decline an alliance invitation  
  /gc ainvite Invite another guild to join your alliance  
  /gc amotd Displays the alliance message of the day  
  /gc amotd [text] Sets the alliance message of the day to the specified text  
  /gc aremove leader Removes your entire guild from your current alliance.  
  /gc aremove [#] Removes the specified guild (listed by number) from the alliance