Free Character Transfer Instructions and FAQ

Character Transfers with the /freexfer Command
The /freexfer command allows you to transfer a character from the current server to another. Players can use the "/freexfer" command without argument to request a list of eligible destination servers. "/freexfer" followed by a server name immediately transfers the current character to the specified destination server.

After issuing the command, you are instructed to log off so that the transfer can take place. Once logged off, you will receive an email notifying you of the status of your transfer.

If your name was already taken on the destination server, the email will inform you of the place-holder name being used for the transfer. When you login your character for the first time after the transfer, you will be prompted to choose a new name for your character while entering the game.

Your house gets "repossessed" in the process and its contents are available via the repossession merchants in the housing market on the destination server. The house deed, porch deed, a stipend for a new housing lot, and any money from your consignment merchant or house lockbox will also be available from the repossession merchants there.

Guild Leaders
The transfer is a little more complicated for guild leaders.  Guild leaders who would like to move their guild to a new server have two tools to help with that: "/gc packhouse" and "/gc transfer".  These will enable a player to take certain aspects of their guild with them when using /freexfer.

We'll start with an overview of the process and then move on to the details.

If you are the leader of a guild without a house, the process is simple: before running "/freexfer", run the "/gc transfer" command to shut down your guild on your originating server and pack up that info to be transferred with your character.  In order to communicate with your guild-mates better, you should make sure there's at least one character left in the guild who can set a new message of the day to inform those who'll be logging on in the coming days of the guild's new name, if it has changed, and the name of a character to contact in order to be re-invited, in case they have forgotten or your name has changed.

Once you have done this, you can run "/freexfer", choose a server, and skip to Reforming the guild below.

If you have a guild house and you have no personal house and your guild house is on your home server, before running "/gc transfer" you will need to run "/gc packhouse".  This packs the guild house for transfer, turning it into a personal house. Then run "/gc transfer" and "/freexfer" as above, and skip to Reforming the guild.


If you have a guild house and either have a personal house or your character has a different home server from your guild's home server, you will want to create another character to transfer over your guild's house.  Create a character on the guild's home server (the same server that the guild's house is on) and promote it to rank 0.

We recommend that the character you designate as your alternate rank 0 be a level 50 character, or you may have delays with your transfers.

Remember, the "/gc promote <username-server> 0" command will work on characters who are not currently online, so you will now be able to promote your alt without adding another rank 0 to your guild.  Once your alt is a rank 0 in your guild, you can either follow the directions above for a character on the same server as the guild who doesn't own a personal house, or if you prefer to move your guild over more quickly, you can use the alt to run "/gc packhouse" and then use your main guild leader to transfer the guild as if it didn't have a house at all, as above. Then later, when you transfer over the alt, you can use it to form the new guild house.

Reforming the Guild
The guild name as well as Realm, Bounty, and Merit Points, and the guild level are saved to the character that ran the transfer command. When forming the guild on Ywain, you need two people in your group to form a transferred guild. If your guild's name is available, you can simply type "/gc form" at the guild registrar.

If someone else had already transferred a guild with the same name, you will be prompted to choose a new name by typing "/gc form <new name>" like when you create a new guild.  Regardless, your stored realm points, bounty points, merit points, and guild level will be credited to your newly transferred guild.  Next, you should start inviting members back into the guild as they transfer over and possibly set up your new guild house.

The guild on your old server will still exist, but will not be able to invite new members, join or lead alliances, or use "/gc transfer" again.  This allows you to use the guild on the old server to communicate with your guild-mates and help them transition to the guild on the new server.

A note about transferring over guild houses

Remember that if you're transferring over a guild house, you must place and transfer the guild house before any personal houses on the same server.  This is because you can only have one house per server, per realm, and as always, in order to create a guild house, you must first create it as a personal house before transferring it to the guild.  The guild house must also be on the guild's home server's housing region.  So, if you're transferring a guild house, be careful about your personal houses.

Command Details
"/gc packhouse" allows a rank 0 member of a guild who does not already have a house to transfer ownership of the guild house to themselves in order that it can be transferred with the /freexfer command.

Consignment merchants and items on a hookpoint inside the house such as merchants, bindstones, vaults, and tradeskill tools will need to be picked up before the guild house can be packed.  The home server of the player running this command must be the same as the server the house is on.  Since many guild leaders' home servers are probably not the same as the guild's server, it is recommended that you create an alt specifically to transfer the guild house with.

"/gc transfer" closes the guild to new invites on your home cluster and transfers the current guild information onto the rank 0 member of the guild who ran the command.  It allows you to store the guild realm points, bounty points, and merit points on your character during the /freexfer.  In order to unpack a guild on the destination server, the character that packed the guild data must be the leader of the group that is forming the new guild.

Free Character Transfer FAQ
To answer some of your questions, we have put together this FAQ.

/freexfer Questions

Q: Do I need to do anything before I run /freexfer?

A: If you're not a guild leader, you can just run "/freexfer", choose a listed server in the new cluster, log out and wait to be notified by email when the transfer is complete. Of course, you may want to communicate with your friends and guild-mates to make sure you meet up when you transfer over. If you had a house, you'll find all its contents in the repossession merchants in the housing market area on the destination server. If you're a guild leader, there is a bit more for you to do, and you should read the detailed instructions posted above.

Players on Classic servers who are level 50 will be required to accept or complete the quest "Classic Transfer Gift" before using /freexfer. This quest is given by the Royal Accountant in the Capital Cities (Albion: Caerwent - NPC: Traurig, Midgard: Erikstaad – NPC: Oropyehho and Hibernia: Meath - NPC: Droevig) and gives special Master Level tokens which can be traded in to grant Master Levels 1 through 5 once players arrive on Ywain.

Players transferring from Classic servers to Ywain will be able to visit the following NPCs to trade in the Classic versions of any of the new Dragon drops or Shrouded Isles chest pieces for the ToA version: Trishy in Camelot, Brohd in Jordheim, or Elenora in Tir na Nog.

Q: If I have a house in repossession on my current server, will the items be transferred to repo merchants on the destination server?

A: Yes.  All vault contents, including repo vaults and your consignment merchant vault, will be transferred over.

Q: Do I have to wait for each /freexfer to complete, or can I load up transfers one after the other?

A: The transfer system will queue your requests, so you don't have to wait for one /freexfer to complete before queuing the next. The process should not leave you waiting for long, though.

Q: If there's a name conflict, can I keep the name with the number in it?

A: No, when you are prompted to rename your character, it must be given a valid name without a number in it. The numbers are only there for the transitional period between when you transfer and when we start allowing renaming.

Q: I saw that when using /freexfer, you get the house deed and a stipend for the lot. How much is the stipend worth?

A: The lot stipend is 500 gold.

Guild Transfer Questions

Q: The instructions say the "/gc packhouse" command must be run by a character who is a rank 0 and does not have a house. Does this mean the character cannot have a house or that the account cannot have a house?

A: It means that the "/gc packhouse" command must be run by a rank 0 character who does not have a house. You can have other personal houses on the account, and even on the same server, just not that character's personal house.

Q: Do I have to empty out my guild house vaults for transfer?

A: No. When you run "/gc packhouse," all your guild vaults get moved over as personal house vaults. If you have any personal house vaults with items in them, the guild vaults will replace the empty vaults after them. Similarly, if there's anything in the guild's consignment merchant vault, that will be moved over to become your personal consignment merchant vault. If you do not have enough vault space (things on the guild consignment merchant and your personal consignment merchant, not enough empty personal house vaults), then the command will not go through and you will be notified of the reason.

Q: Can I use "/gc packhouse" if I already have things on my repossession merchants?

A: Yes, but if you have items on your repossession merchant bankers (consignment money, decoration, and garden bankers) from a house being repossessed due to account inactivity, when you /freexfer, you may lose some or all of the things in your old repo vaults. The /freexfer system uses the repossession merchants to move your house, and you are not expected to have a house while you still have items in your repossession merchants, so clean out those repossession vaults before moving a new house!

Q: Can we rename our guild when reforming it on Ywain and still have our realm points, bounty points, merit points, and guild level, or is "/gc form <name>" limited to guilds whose name has already been created?

A: If your guild's name is available, you cannot select a new name for your guild. This is done to prevent people from squatting guild names while guilds are still transferring over.

Other Questions

Q: How many characters am I allowed to transfer?

A: With the clustering of our lobby (from your perspective, the character select), we have provided support for 10-servers worth of 10 characters per Realm. That translates to 100 characters per Realm on a per account basis.

Q: Since you are allowing a single account to have characters across all three Realms, will there be a Realm timer for switching back and forth between the Realms?

A: Yes, but not so much to be a hinderance. The Realm timer will be 5 minutes.

Q: Speaking of housing regions, how many lots are available?

A: In order to create as much space as possible for people with many characters, we clustered our lobby. We decided to go ahead and leave the extra housing regions that were associated with these clustered lobbies. So now, there will be 10 housing regions per Realm. 

Q: I have a lot of decor on my walls. Does this end up on the repo merchants or just disappear?

A: Your decorations and trophies get automatically repossessed when you do a "/freexfer". The indoor decorations go to one repossession merchant and the outdoor ones go to another.

Q: Does your guild emblem and colors transfer over with the rest of your guild data?

A: Unfortunately, no. The guild leader in charge of reforming the guild must recreate the guild's heraldry.

Q: What if someone is unable to access their characters during this transfer period? What happens to their characters?

A: Any untransferred characters will remain on their existing servers. If a currently absent player returns, they will be able to log in and initiate the transfer. Eventually, we will move this functionality to our account center, but that may not happen for quite some time.  Late-returning players to the Classic servers will still be able to complete their token trade-in when they return to the game before they transfer.

Q: Do we transfer all of our characters individually or does the transfer take all of our characters at once?

A: You will have to transfer each character individually.

Q: There are a few confusing facts about gc house transfer still. Yesterday you pick up all vaults and merchants first, today it seems to all go to repo merchants from hook points. Can you do it either way or is one way safer for items over the other?

A: The "/gc packhouse" command requires that you pick up items off your hookpoints.  However, any items on hookpoints when you do a "/freexfer" will be correctly repossessed.

Q: I used /freexfer a while ago, but I haven't received an email about it.

A: Make sure that we have an up to date email address for you.  If that checks out, check to see if our email was caught by your spam filter.  Finally, you can log in to see if your character was transferred to the new server, or if it's still on the old server.

Q: I checked, and my character is still on its original server and I don't have an email about it.

A: While you can queue up an number of transfers while you're online, your account must be entirely logged out for your transfer to go through. Even if you're at character select or playing on another server, the transfer will not go through until you log off.

Q: I have characters on the PvP Mordred server and the PvE Gaheris cluster. Can I transfer them to Ywain?

A: No, unfortunately due to the unique rules for the PvE and the PvP rulesets transfers are not available to the Ywain cluster from Mordred and Gaheris.