Camelot Newsletter - September 2014


The 13th Anniversary of your favorite game is the perfect opportunity to bring back the Newsletter. Come celebrate Dark Age of Camelot's birthday with us and experience the best Realm vs Realm combat out there! Read on for news, updates, and information on what we're doing to make Camelot even better!
-The Camelot Team


13th Anniversary and New Features


Come back to Camelot Campaign

In celebration of the 13th Anniversary, we are offering returning players 13 FREE* days to come back and explore, experience, and join the Realm vs Realm struggle! This campaign will run through October and is available to any inactive account, in good standing, that was cancelled on or before September 24th, 2014. In order to participate, simply visit the Account Center, login, and re-subscribe. The free 13 days will automatically be applied to your account. For more info, visit the Campaign page HERE, or if you're ready to play, simply download the free game client!


13th Anniversary King’s Tournament

Ever wanted a statue of your character in your realm’s Capital City!? Well, now is your chance! The King’s in each realm have put out the call for a Champion to inspire their realms to greater glory in the never-ending war. As a reward for winning the tournament, they will erect a statue of you in their city! Click HERE for more details on how to win!


New Race/Class Pairings

Which one are you going to make first!?


New Frontiers Changes

Relics have returned to their temples! Ruined Keeps can now be teleported to and are a favorite action hotspot! New RvR quests have been added that reward you for contributing to the realm effort! The Doppelgangers are back with new tricks up their sleeve! Check out the latest patch notes HERE for more information.


Keep Lighting Upgrades

Keep Lighting has received a massive overhaul. Check out the screenshots HERE and see the difference yourself! 


13th Anniversary Housing Reward

Login during the month of October and receive a free housing trophy! Speak to the Royal Accountant outside the throne room in your capital city to get it. Limit one per character!



Camelot Herald Updates

Character and Guild searches are back! Track your guild's activity and find your characters! Stay tuned over the next few months as Weekly Leaderboards and the Realmwar updates will make their return!


DAoC T-Shirts

With the 13th Anniversary month here, we decided it would be the perfect time to offer DAoC T-shirts!

We are offering three different versions of the shirt - one for each realm - through Custom Ink's Booster program. This means the shirts are only available for purchase for the next 25 days, or until November 1st, and in order to get your realm's shirt, at least 50 others must be sold. All proceeds will go towards future Event Rewards.
Which realm will get their shirts ordered first!?

Upcoming Changes


Champion Level 15

Champion Level 15 is coming at the end of the year! Exciting rewards, like new Champion Abilities and Champion Weapons, await players that obtain Cl15. Earn Champion Level experience by completing quests, defeating the resurgent Darkness Falls minions, or by competing in Realm vs Realm combat! Stay tuned for more details!



Darkness Falls

Everyone’s favorite RvR Dungeon is getting a revamp! Mob difficulty will be increased throughout the dungeon and exciting new encounters and bosses await the truly adventurous players who can make it to bottom. Which realm will conquer Darkness Falls first!?

UX Improvements

The upcoming patch will include the first in a long list of planned User Experience improvements coming. Up in 1.116 is the Casual Group Finder. You’ll be able to get into RvR or PvE groups with just the click of a button!

Returning to the Game
Returning to the game is as easy as ever! Follow the instructions and videos below and you'll be up and running in no time!

                            Returning NA players                                                                                 Returning EU players
You can login to our Account Center using your old account login and your          You can login to our Account Center using your old account login with
old password. Please contact Customer Support if you are in need of                   the extension "_eu" (for example "myname_eu") and your old
assistance.                                                                                                              password. In case you have forgotten your password, you will be able
                                                                                                                                to recover your account information if you have access to the e-mail
                                                                                                                                address you originally used to create the account. Please contact
                                                                                                                                Customer Support if you are in need of assistance.
Account Recovery                                                                       Update Payment       

Character Transfers