The 15th Anniversary King's Tournament

The Kings have asked for a Champion to step forward. Will it be you?

Winners of the King's Tournament will have a statue created in their
honor and placed in their realm's Capital City!

The tournament has begun!

Tournament Leaderboards

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Tournament FAQ
Q: What is the tournament?
A: The tournament is a Realm vs Realm competition. If you love RvR and want to prove your skill, this is the tournament for you!

Q: How do I enter the tournament?
A: No entry required. Just login and RvR! Your stats will be tracked automatically.

Q: How do I win?
A: There are 3 winners in each realm, for 9 total. The first winner in each realm will be based on an RvR 'skill' metric that is a combination of several RvR stats like kills, deaths, RPs earned, and many others. The second way to win is to have the most solo kills over the course of the month. The third way to win is to have the most keeps captured (ruined structure's won't count!). All winners must be within the top 1,000 RP earners for the month of October.

Q: How long does the tournament last?
A: The tournament is running for the entire month of October, beginning just after midnight on September 30th and ending at midnight on October 31st.

Q: How is the tournament tracked?
A: A special tournament Leaderboard will keep track of the top 1,000 realm point earners, in each realm, for the entire month. This leaderboard will be updated hourly and will include the tournament-related stats. All winners must be within the top 1,000 RP earners.

Q: What happens to cheaters?
A: Aside from the normal actions on their account, anyone caught cheating will be automatically disqualified from winning. If you see someone cheat, please /appeal in-game with the cheating character's name and server. If you are able to take a screenshot of any cheating (or even better, a video), please send an email to with the evidence attached.

Q: When can we expect our reward for winning the tournament?
A: It will take 1-2 weeks for the King's sculptors to create the statues in the winners' likenesses. Once they are done, the statues will be placed in the capital cities for all to see!

Q: Is there anything else involved?
A: I'm glad you asked. Once the winners are announced and statues are up in the Capitals, it will be... rewarding to pay them a visit. More on this later!