1.128b Pendragon Patch Notes

RA Changes

Changed First Aid so both RUT and Delve scale with level:
  • Level 1: 25% heal, 10 minute timer
  • Level 2: 30% heal, 7.5 minute timer
  • Level 3: 35% heal, 5 minute timer
  • Level 4: 42.5% heal, 4 minute timer
  • Level 5: 50% heal, 3 minute timer

Class Changes


  • Level 50 Snare has been moved to level 49


  • Reverted the change to Skald instant mesmerize


  • Warlock R5 has been updated from disorient to bedazle and increased to 50% and is now unresistable. Instead of an increased chance to miss melee attacks or your spells to be resisted, the new effect is a % chance to fumble melee attacks or miscast spells.


  • Added a 30 second internal recast timer to snare poisons that doesn't effect other poisons.
    • When you swap from snare poison to any other poison you will now receive a red debuff as if you had CC immunity showing the time till you can next cast snare poison. During this time you may freely swap to any poison EXCEPT snare poison with the normal poison recast timer of 7 seconds.
  • Added a 20% magic damage debuff to Swordbreaker (level 43 melee damage effectiveness debuff poison) and changed Swordbreaker to 20% to match.
  • Blur has been moved to 40 Stealth

Focus Sheilds

  • All focus Shields have been updated to match the new 77 higher delve.

Item Changes

  • Spiritmaster Curse sleeves have had their 5% Buff Bonus replaced with 3% Spell Pierce
    • Please note: item changes will not take effect until patch goes live on Ywain