1.128b Live Server Patch Notes


  • Added support for PvP-enabled zones
  • Bug Fixes and UI Changes

PvP Zone notes

  • Players in a PvP-enabled zone may speak, group, and trade with players of any realm
  • When in a PvP zone, players may not attack another player if they're a member of the same Guild, Alliance, or Group
  • Players  of all realms will be able to read and speak in public channels such as Region, LFG, and Advice
  • Battlegroups are disabled in PvP Zones however Chat Groups will remain available
  • Support for same-realm PvP stats has been added to character's RvR stats
UI Changes

  • Guard and Intercept icon tooltips have been updated to be more compact
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with NPCs which caused them to spontaneously attack nearby mobs. They have agreed to try to talk it out first.
  • Fixed an issue where Protect/Guard/Intercept tooltip information would be incorrect if the target leaves the group.
  • Group members that have gone linkdead will now be immediately removed from groups.