1.127E Live Patch Notes

20 Year Anniversary


  • A new nostalgic quest, [Anniversary] Enemies of Old can be obtained from each realm’s King and completed to earn a very special realm-unique mount and 50% realm point 30-charge potion!
    • Albion: Great-Lion Mount
    • Midgard: Great-Wolf Mount
    • Hibernia: Great-Elk Mount
    • Quests steps are all battlegroup credit, can all be done with a group or less, and are able to be completed in any order.
      • Some of the epic mobs required to be killed have had their spawn rates increased.
    • This quest will be available until November 2nd, 2021


  • The [Weekly] Doppelganger Invasion quest now awards an Anniversary Gift Box for each completion until November 2nd, 2021.


Veteran Rewards

  • A new Veteran Reward threshold for accounts with 20 years of cumulative subscription time has been added with the following rewards and choices:
    • 20 years of subscription:
      • Guaranteed rewards:
        • 250,000 Veteran Bounty point scroll
      • Choice of 2:
        • Veteran Questing Beast Mount
        • Tournament Ring
        • Triumphant Wristguard
        • Pendragon's Ring
        • Pendragon's Bracer
        • Chest of Rare Alchemy Components
        • Veteran Speed of the Hunt
        • Veteran Breath Potion
      • Obtain your Veteran Rewards at the Royal Treasurer in each realm’s capital!

Mithril Shop

  • New specialty, realm-specific mounts!
  • New Consignment Merchant skins!
    • Doppel CM
    • Legion CM
    • Phoenix CM
    • Agramon CM
    • Abaddon CM
  • New Cosmetic VFX!
    • Flame Skulls
    • Green-Flame Skulls
    • Blue-Flame Skulls

Catch Up in Caledonia Event Fixes

  • Overwhelming Force kills will no longer grant quest kill credit.


Client Improvements

UI Scaling

  • The game client’s initial loading and character selection screens now auto-scale their user interface to the resolution settings.
  • The in-game user interface can now be scaled up in size by clicking+dragging the upper left corner of the in-game screen.
    • The UI can be scaled from 1.000 (default) to 4.000.
      • For most resolutions a value in the 1.0-1.3 range should be large enough.
    • If no mouselook or mousepan button is set in /keyboard, users should hold down their mouselook toggle key and then click the upper-left corner of the in-game screen to begin scaling.

New Client Art

  • The character selection and customization screens have been given new background vistas for each realm!
    • We recommend entering the character customization screen for a full 360 degree view of them!
  • The game client’s initial splash screens have been updated with key-art from Camelot’s past!


  • Full-screen windowed is now the game client’s default setting after first installation.
  • Item tooltips have been added to merchant store and market explorer results windows.
  • Background elements in the game’s user interface should now support anti-aliasing.
    • NOTE: Some lines may still appear under fonts at certain UI scales for some users.
    • NOTE: Custom UI developers will need to remove any alpha from their corresponding file versions to support anti-aliasing:
      • ui/atlantis/atlantis_01.tga
      • ui/atlantis/atlantis_02.tga
      • ui/atlantis/atlantis_03.tga
      • ui/atlantis/atlantis_04.tga
      • ui/atlantis/atlantis_04b.tga
      • ui/atlantis/navigation.tga
      • How-to videos for Custom UI developers HERE!

Bug Fixes

  • TOA encounters should once again function and reset properly when multiple realms attempt them simultaneously.
  • 2nd /uses no longer auto-recharge on logout and zoning for certain items.
  • Players should once again receive kill credit on quests when the monster or player is killed by a fire and forget pet.
  • Players whose hit points are reduced to 0 by drowning and falling damage will once again die as expected.
  • Client graphics and tooltip settings should now save properly after relogging.

Class Changes

Battlemaster Master Level
  • Essence Dampen has had its endurance cost increased by 10.
  • Essence Shatter has had its endurance cost increased by 10.
Heavy Tanks
  • The Shaky Legs debuff received from activating Climbing Spikes now increases damage dealt to the Heavy Tank by 35% instead of 15%.
  • Reanimate Corpse’s effect now grants a 200 radius, low heat damage pulse every 4 seconds to surrounding enemies for its 20 second duration.
  • Climb walls is now available at 45 Savagery specialization instead of 50.