1.127B Live Server Patch Notes


Market Explorer

  • Market Explorer searches should now return results more quickly.
  • Changing pages of search results will no longer close the window.
  • Max Price will now properly filter results.
    • Developer’s Note: Any issues seen with minimum quality, player-crafted, and visual effect search filters returning abnormal results is a custom UI issue with the bazaar_query.xml file. Custom UI developers should be contacted to correct the Control IDs for those filters.

Classic Dungeons

  • Koalinth Elder, Koalinth Castellan, and Pelagian Alliant in Koalinth Caverns have had their respawn timer shortened.
  • Tabor in Spraggon Den has had its respawn timer shortened.



  • Guild-house recall stones will once again teleport players to their guild house when used outside of housing regions.

Bug Fixes

  • Anonymous characters will no longer show as online to friends or guild members.
  • Resistance totals now show on the /bonuses window.
  • Instruments can now be drag and dropped into the two-hand weapon slot.

Realm vs Realm

Realm Abilities

  • Stuns from realm abilities will no longer bypass stun-feedback spells.
    • This change means that realm abilities like Static Tempest will no longer affect targets using Speed of Sound, Charge, or the Skald RR5 Voice of Skadi realm abilities. It also means the Stormlord Master Level ability Dazzling Array will now block stuns from realm abilities along with other stun-feedback buffs from items.

Bug Fixes

  • Grouped players should no longer see delays with health, endurance, and power, buffs, and status effect updates on group UI windows.
  • Rubble in some of the Braemar and Leirvik center keep locations should no longer give the ‘too far away’ error message.