1.126B Live Patch Notes

Endless Conquest


  • The 7-days play time restriction limiting returning Endless Conquest (free) account characters from logging in has been reduced to 1-day.
    • As a reminder, characters on returning Endless Conquest (free) accounts are eligible to be played if the following is true:
      • Any level, creation date, or played time if the character is one of the EC-enabled races and classes.
        • OR: 
      • Level 15+ character that was created prior to November 12th, 2019 (EC launch day) and has at least 1-day of play time.
        • The Endless Conquest FAQ and Features Table have been updated with this 7-day to 1-day change.


  • Any EC-ineligible game accounts that were last subscribed prior to 2008 and have since come back and linked their account to the EA account system have been automatically flagged to be eligible for Endless Conquest!
    • If your account has already been linked to an EA account’s email and your game account should otherwise be eligible for Endless Conquest and is still showing as ineligible on the Account Center please send an email to support@darkageofcamelot.com with the account name.



Account Center

  • Fixed an issue where the the veteran year displayed on the Account Center did not match what was seen in game in rare circumstances.
    • Remember, the veteran year achieved is based on cumulative subsription time, not the account's time since creation.
  • Veteran years now display on the Account Center as follows:

New User Journey

  • The level requirements for teleporting from the battlegrounds to the New User Journey town hubs have been removed.

Mithril Shop Updates

  • The Mithril Shop General merchant now has a Level 10 Loyalty Cloak token for sale!
    • Use this token to allow your loyalty cloak to instantly hit level 10 when its equipped.
      • All loyalty cloaks will now properly level up in the capital cities and housing zones when the cloak is equipped or re-equipped.
    • This token cannot be purchased by characters who already have a Mithril-purchased token in their inventory or /bank or who already have a level 10 loyalty cloak.
      • Like all Mithril-purchased items, this token is not tradable.

Bug Fixes

  • Logging inside enemy held outposts will once again teleport players to their portal keep in the battlegrounds or relic town in the frontiers if the character has been offline for more than 5 minutes.
  • Heavy tanks’ Bolstering Roar once again clears roots and has its radius properly extended by the Curse armor sets.
  • Characters will no longer briefly stand-up when /releasing.
  • The /bg groups and /bg groupclass commands once again provide group member information.
  • Character titles now show up correctly in the /title window and will apply the correct title.
  • Artifact and Master Level encounters will now properly drop their bounty point rewards.
    • This change will also fix issues with certain Labyrinth encounters and several older encounters in the classic world that were no longer dropping their loot.
  • Master Level 4.7 and 4.10 encounters now function properly in Midgard and Hibernia Atlantis zones.
  • Apocalypse in Caer Sidi now flies during his opening monologue and no longer forgets what he was about to say and stands there stuck.
  • Troika should now give credit to the whole group when doing the Putting the Dead to Sleep quest.