1.125D Pendragon Patch Notes

Bug Fixes


  • Deathspam will now display to the appropriate realm members who are within 1.5 zone-lengths at the time of the kill.
    • This corrects the issue where deathspam was not extending beyond zone lines.
  • The Buggane’s Obelisk Rubble should no longer reset when hit with various siege damage enhancements and should now spawn the appropriate realm’s Buggane’s Obelisk upon destruction.
    • Please note that the nature of this fix involved increasing the hit-points of the rubble. However, players are now only required to reach less than 20% of its max HP to destroy it which should result in no noticeable time-to-kill difference from before this change.
  • Players targeting another character who clear their target mid-cast should once again complete their cast.
  • Several locations have been adjusted to no longer dismount players in the Frontiers when riding underneath them.

Items and Item Abilities

  • Wardens can once again purchase and can now correctly apply the pre-made MTX masks at the Mithril Merchant in each realm’s capital city.
  • Accuracy buffs from items such as Infernal Accuracy, King’s Precision, King’s Accuracy, and Pictish Precision have been corrected and changed as follows:
    • Now correctly provide a bonus to land melee styles instead of penalizing enemy players from landing melee styles and spells on the user.
      • These penalties may be the cause of some reports about higher than usual resist rates seen in RvR.
    • Delves have been adjusted on these to highlight the melee-only nature of these corrected effects.
    • Please note that other accuracy-related buffs that intentionally provide the penalties to enemy characters to land styles and spells, including Tactical Insight, Dazzling Array, and Resilient Will, remain unchanged.
  • The Champion Level ability Focused Will (mez dampen) will no longer overwrite The Dream Stone, which has a higher delve.
  • The Stalwart Cloak’s Otherworldly Skin defensive proc will now overwrite the Cleric’s various defensive heal proc abilities.
  • Speed of the Hunt gems should now fire and grant their speed consistently.
  • The Conjured Bulwark’s 2nd magic /use now displays its full delve in the delve window.

General Abilities

  • All Taunt styles have been given new normalized values of 75 taunt per style hit. Detaunts have been set to a value of 0 and will no longer taunt or detaunt.
    • This fixes the issue with detaunts causing more monster hate than taunts.
    • Given detaunts’ low damage, these styles should still quickly lose aggro from monsters that are being hit by other players with taunting styles or abilities.
  • Crystal Titans should now fire consistently in almost all areas of the game, with the following exception.
    • Players using the Crystal Titan ability inside an inner keep in the frontier MUST clear their target prior to casting the spell for the Crystal Titan to fire.
      • Failing to do so will cause the cast to complete but no CT will spawn.
      • The delve of this ability has been updated to reflect this change.
    • Please note that the restrictions introduced in 1.125 still prevent the casting of CTs inside an inner keep when the caster of the CT is standing outside the keep.
  • The siege damage ability Siegebreaker should no longer overwrite Bruiser’s Rage, which has a higher delve.
  • When a new group member who has an active Divine Intervention buff up joins a group with another DI active already, the higher value DI will be kept (meaning the one with the most HP left) instead of it defaulting to the new member’s DI.

Class Abilities

  • Animist’s Circle of Vengeance area of effect bomber is now only given out at level 47.
  • Bainshee’s Phantasmal Wail PBAoE direct damage pulses can no longer be stacked and have been changed as follows:
    • Only the highest level version of the spell is available now.
    • These PBAoE pulses now appear in a separate “Phantasmal Wail” specialization line in the spell-list window.
  • Druid pets no longer make mention of the [taunt] option, which was previously removed, on spawn.
  • Cleric’s Helping Hand line of enemy-realm-targeted heal procs now display the amount healed and notify users when the effect begins and expires.
  • Valewalker’s Grove’s Aegis level 50 spell now has the correct delve of 250 armor factor.
  • Valewalker’s Witherstrike ability now correctly displays that it is a level 46 ability.

Quests and Encounters

  • Newly created account characters can once again progress beyond Champion Level 5.
  • Several quests involving quest items that are /used have been corrected so that /using the item once again properly triggers the quest progression.
  • Credit for the [Manx] [Daily] Preventative Measures quest should now be more consistent for the realm members who captured the tower.
  • The Hibernia Commander’s [deposited] keyword will now properly progress the quest Battlegrounds: Intercepted Supplies in Wilton.
  • Players will now receive /title credit for killing the dragons during the Curse Campaign’s Chapter 7 encounter.
  • Rhogart in Hibernia’s Curse Campaign Chapter 6 can now correctly perform his Dark Vampiir Strike style.
  • The Otherworlds Campaign Chapter 5 encounter now correctly awards credit to the group instead of only the group leader in Albion and Hibernia (Midgard is already working correctly).
  • Master Sandy in Otherworlds Campaign Chapter 6 in Albion will no longer respond to aggro from mobs in the area.
  • Master Level 8.3 (Ibn) encounter’s Agne’s Sword now spawns in the correct location.
  • Master Afrits throughout Trials of Atlantis should now correctly spawn their escort of ancient bound atlanteans.
  • Olorustus’ End quest in Albion should no longer get into a frozen state.
  • Jonarra in Skona Ravine should once again interact with players.


  • The Bountycrafting recipes under Aurulite Chestpieces for Unyielding Protector Vest and Unyielding Soldier Hauberk now correctly craft the respective armor.

Client and User Interface

  • The group benefits window now correctly updates and displays group member buffs (up to 24 per member).
  • Map indicators for group members now update correctly when a new member joins or leaves the group.
  • Fixed an issue where group members in the same region would sometimes display as in a different region (greyed out).
  • Tooltips will no longer be blocked out by windows underneath the top-most window.
    • Tooltips already superseded the topmost window but could be blocked out by windows underneath it.
  • Buttons will no longer highlight when mousing over a part of the button covered by another window.