1.125B Live Patch Notes


Autoloot and Autosplit

  • Autoloot and autosplit features once again function properly when a group-member has a completely empty backpack.

Realm vs Realm

Molvik Dynamic Siege Objectives

  • The Stone Quarry objective now only affects the Molvik Keep’s level; its towers and the portal keeps will no longer be affected.

Item Changes

Proc Changes

  • Omni-heal procs on the Astral Vest of Purification and all Darkness Falls blood seal chest-pieces now delve for and heal for the correct amount of 7%.

Class Changes

Master Level Abilities

  • Forceful Zephyr’s immunity duration has been increased from 45s to 60s.
  • Forceful Zephyr’s immunity should no longer drop prematurely in rare circumstances.


Rejuvenation Specialization

  • The area-of-effect focused snare line of spells (Lava Avalanche) have had their durations reduced from 6s to 3s at all levels.