1.124 Pendragon Patch Notes



  • Check out the brand-new Realm Rank 5 abilities for Hunters, Rangers, and Scouts!
  • Faster action returns to Ellan Vannin!
  • Mithril-based item durability repair is here!
  • Character movement has been greatly improved!
  • Several requested bug fixes such as the tooltip-delve crash, +range auras, item stacking issues and much more!


General Changes

  • Hibernia Dragon Curse Campaign Chapter 5 adjustments:
    • Veil Couriers can no longer be feared.
    • Veil Courier health greatly reduced.
    • The Darkspire Portals in Sheeroe Hills can no longer be attacked.
  • Anyone who accidentally destroys their soul weapon after completing Dragon Curse Chapter 5 can now return to the quest NPC to replace it:
    • Albion: Daila Whitesteel in Camelot
    • Hibernia: Midora in Tir na Nog
    • Midgard: Garmr in Drakulvhamn
  • Otherworldly Essences and Ore can now be found at Folley Lake in Hadrian’s Wall, The Trellebourg Fortress in Odin’s Gate, and Moydruim Castle in Emain Macha.

Keep Difficulty

  • The damage taken by ALL keep and tower doors has been reduced by 33%.
    • Please note that this is a first, small step towards making keeps much more difficult to take.
      • Overall, we plan to eventually make each keep within a realm an epic, unique experience to capture and defend.

Keep Contribution Bonuses

  • The keep contribution bonus multiplier has been doubled for defenders only. Attacking forces will still receive the normal reward.
    • Remember, keep contribution is based on kills achieved during an under-siege keep or tower. Realm points are awarded to both sides when the outpost is either successfully defended or taken. This award amount has been increased for the defending forces.

Ellan Vannin

  • The Tower of Korazh, Tower of Deifrang, and Tower of Graoch on Ellan Vannin are no longer ruined!
    • These towers can now be claimed, upgraded, and act like normal towers throughout the rest of New Frontiers except that the Minotaur keep lord is still their only NPC guard.
    • As of now, they still cannot be teleported to.
  • The Portal Ceremony timers have been reduced and adjust as follows based on Ellan Vannin tower ownership:
    • If a realm owns 0 towers on Ellan Vannin, the timer is 15s.
    • If a realm owns 1 tower on Ellan Vannin, the timer is 30s.
    • If a realm owns 2 towers on Ellan Vannin, the timer is 60s.
    • If a realm owns 3 towers on Ellan Vannin, the timer is 120s.
  • The Portal Ceremony NPCs Master Vaughn, Stor Gothi Dagny, and Brerend now inform players how much time is left on the ceremony.
  • A frontier portal stone has been added to the safe-port areas on Ellan Vannin, allowing players who port there to port around the frontier.
  • 2 Ancient Mangonels have been added atop the safe areas to help stave off any overzealous camping forces. Simply /control them to wield their might!


  • All RvR daily quests now auto-complete when their requisite kills are accomplished.
  • Buggane’s Obelisk location at the Hibernian Maze has been moved slightly south. It remains in the maze, but is no longer in its most central location. This was done to alleviate the ease at which it can be camped.
  • The Capital city ‘statue quests’ Tribute: Peerless, Tribute: Conqueror, and Tribute: Enforcer can now be repeated and completed once per month (resets on the 1st of each month).
    • Please note that players are now required to return to these statues in order to receive their reward; which corrects an issue where the item rewards were not always given out upon completion.
    • The statue quests Master of Valor and Master of Death may still only be completed once each.

Game Economy

Durability Repair and General Repair Changes

  • A new item durability system is now available to players who have items at 0% durability. This system will cost Mithril (MTX currency) to use.
    • 0% durability is achieved on items that have had their condition repaired enough times to reduce the durability all the way to 0%. While this can take a long time, until now, it’s been frustrating to note that there was not a way to restore many of these items. Now there is!
    • 0% durability items can be taken to a Smith NPC, just like when repairing an item’s condition. When a 0% durability item is dropped onto a Smith NPC, players will now be prompted about repairing the item’s Durability AND Condition to 100% for a cost of 250 Mithril.
      • Only items at 0% durability will prompt this request.
    • There have also been some general changes and bug fixes with condition-repairs (condition repairs still use copper, silver, gold, and platinum currencies as they did before):
      • In general, condition-based repair costs have been increased for items that still do not lose durability on repair.
        • Remember, jewelry items that do not have +skill bonuses do not need to be repaired!
      • Fixed a bug where repairing the condition of items that do not lose durability would give inconsistent costs to repair as the condition of the item worsened.
      • Several items that previously did not lose durability now do lose it when they are repaired:
        • Quest and event rewards, such as Dragonslayer armor and weapons or event-instance rewards, now do lose durability when repaired. This is in line with other quest and event rewards such as the Halloween event helms and Otherworldly Campaign rewards that have always lost durability.
        • Blood-seal, aurulite, and bounty point store-bought items now lose durability when repaired.
          • Please note that we will be alleviating this change to durability loss on these items with several game economy changes (next section).
      • Artifacts, Champion Level 5 weapons, and Class Loyalty cloaks still do not lose durability when repaired.
        • Additionally, the King's Epic Armor and the old Epic Armors will now no longer lose durability when repaired.

Game Economy Changes

  • The drop rate of blood seals in Darkness Falls has been increased.
  • Coin bonuses in New Frontiers have been increased from 100% to 125% to assist with any added repair costs.
  • Aurulite-purchased weapons have already and will continue to become easier to purchase as the Curse campaign unfolds with more aurulite-based rewards.
    • Speaking of which, new gear can now drop from the Dragon Curse Campaign chapter 5 bosses.
  • A new catch-all currency conversion NPC has been added in the capital cities.
    • Players can now convert Dragon-scales, Atlantean Glass, Blood Seals, and Aurulite into each other.
      • Other uses for Bounty Points are being explored so they are not included in the exchange.
    • Visit the Currency Exchange NPC in each realm’s capital city to exchange these 4 currencies.
    • Please note, that the way stores work prevents the stacking of Blood seals received from a Glass conversion with Blood seals received from Aurulite or Dragon Scales. We plan to address this in a later version.
    • The rates are as follows:
      • Glass:
        • 20,000 Atlantean Glass = 5,000 Aurulite
        • 20,000 Atlantean Glass = 20 Blood Seals
        • 20,000 Atlantean Glass = 500 Dragon Scales
      • Aurulite:
        • 5,000 Aurulite = 20 Blood Seals
        • 5,000 Aurulite = 20,000 Atlantean Glass
        • 5,000 Aurulite = 500 Dragon Scales
      • Dragon Scales:
        • 500 Dragon Scales = 20 Blood Seals
        • 500 Dragon Scales = 20,000 Atlantean Glass
        • 500 Dragon Scales = 5,000 Aurulite
      • Blood Seals:
        • 20 Blood Seals = 500 Dragon Scales
        • 20 Blood Seals = 20,000 Atlantean Glass
        • 20 Blood Seals = 5,000 Aurulite
  • These changes are aimed at encouraging players who have items close to needing a durability repair to replay the game's content for another version; either by re-participating in the directly-related content for those items and helping many areas of the game remain vibrant and active, or by obtaining enough alternative currency for the items elsewhere and converting that to the relevant currency. We’ll be monitoring this content to ensure that these items remain accessible.

Class Changes


  • The Realm Rank 5 ability Entwining has been removed and replaced with the following new ability, Bestial Heart:
    • Bestial Heart – Instant cast – 30s duration – 10m Reuse – Requires an active Hunter's Avatar. Sacrifices the Hunter’s pet to allow them to shapeshift into a Dire Wolf. While in Dire Wolf form melee damage is increased by 15%, attack speed is increased by 40%, and all melee attacks inflict disease. Hunters cannot fire their bow in this form; but can drop the form at any time to allow the bow to be used again. Pops Hunter out of stealth on activation.


  • Arawn’s Legion now has a hard cast time of 8 seconds.


  • The Realm Rank 5 ability Desperate Bowman has been removed and replaced with the following new ability, Nature’s Madness:
    • Nature’s Madness – Instant cast – 30s duration – 10m Reuse – Place a storm at the Ranger’s feet that crazes all enemies within 500 units. Enemies within the area suffer a 30% reduction to attack and casting speed and hidden opponents are revealed. Additionally, any pets that enter the area will immediately turn on their master for 15s and die at the end of their madness. Pops Ranger out of stealth on activation.


  • The Realm Rank 5 ability Shield Trip has been removed and replaced with the following new ability, Far Sight:
    • Far Sight – Instant cast – 30s duration – 10m Reuse – Clear all range impairing effects and become immune to nearsight effects for 60 seconds. Additionally, your archery and spell range is increased by 20% and your Standard Shots apply a 20 second, 50% nearsight to your target. Pops Scout out of stealth on activation.


  • Level 35 – Crescendo – Movement speed bonus reduced from 115% to 105%.
  • Level 44 – Great Crescendo – Movement speed bonus reduced from 125% to 115%.


  • Gates of Valhalla now has a hard cast time of 8 seconds.

Client Improvements

  • (Client) Characters should no longer “ghost” or jitter as much on another client’s screen when moving and then stopping suddenly.
  • (Client) Movement should generally be improved and smoothed when observing other characters on the client’s screen.
  • (Client) Characters should now move and turn more smoothly on other clients’ screens.
    • (Client) Horse and boats routes should take their turns slightly more smoothly now too.
  • (Client) The “value chooser” windows that pop up when needing to adjust currency amounts for trades, item stack amounts, or pricing now have the following keyboard shortcuts:
    • Shift+Left-click will increment the values by 10, as it always has.
    • Ctrl+Left-click will now increment the values by 100.
    • Shift+Ctrl+Left-click will now increment the values by 1,000.
    • Continuing to hold down the Left-click while engaging any of these shortcuts for more than ½ second will cause the value to continuously change without needing to re-click.
  • (Client) Players should see less crashes when delving items or abilities.

Bug Fixes

  • +Spell Range% auras once again correctly increase the range of spells.
  • The Myth: Crowd Control stat now correctly works like Determination and Stoicism (and stacks) for all crowd control types instead of only mesmerization spells.
  • Sorcerer, Enchanter, and Healer speed spells will once again co-exist with hastener speed and will now also co-exist with Skald, Bard, and Minstrel speed. The highest value speed takes precedence.
  • Item stacks exceeding 35,000 in value can now be unstacked and re-stacked accordingly.
  • Forceful Zephyr immunity should more consistently fire now.
  • Players can no longer repair broken Knoc Meayll keep doors when it's under Neutral ownership.
  • Items that cannot lose durability should now have repair costs consistent with the item’s current condition percentage.
  • The z-axis location of the Bledmeer Siege tent has been set to the right height and can now be attacked by melee.
  • (Maulers) the weaponskill-increase buff, Gift of Tegashirg, in Aura Manipulation was supposed to have a 30s duration instead of 60s. This has been fixed.
    • Please note: The Weaponskill-increase in the Magnetism specialization is supposed to and does grant a WS-increase to both Fist Wraps and Mauler Staff. However, the buff in Aura Manipulation is meant only to increase the Mauler Staff weaponskill.