1.120 Live Patch Notes


  • Conquer the newly revamped bosses and earn new loot in Stonehenge Barrows, Spindelhalla, and Coruscating Mines!
  • Swap around your inventory easier than ever with the new Shift + Right-click to equip and move feature!
  • Choose your guild’s new emblem from 1 of the 57 new insignias added!
  • Bug fixes abound including pathing improvements around Ellan Vannin and many more!


  • (Gaheris Only) The housing fix has been institued on the Gaheris server. Players should not notice any issues on their houses on Gaheris but will need to login and /listmerchant in order to have items show up on the Market Explorer.
  • Powerful surges of magic have once again been detected in several dungeons across the realms. Sages report that the dungeons most recently affected are Stonehenge Barrows in Albion, Spindelhalla in Midgard, and Coruscating Mines in Hibernia. These surges of magic appeared more powerful than the first round, and adventurers are once again requested to investigate.
  • The monster levels in Stonehenge Barrows, Spindelhalla, and Coruscating Mines have been adjusted. Players levels 45+  should find these locations to be good hunting grounds, offering increased experience and coin.
  • The loot in Stonehenge Barrows, Spindelhalla, and Coruscating Mines has been updated. Players adventuring in this area may find a variety of basic armor by defeating most dungeon enemies. Additionally, the named enemies in these dungeons now have a chance to drop new, improved items.
  • Several quests have been added to the different towns throughout the world directing players to these dungeons, where they can pick up several quests for each dungeon. These new quests direct players to investigate the dungeons to learn more about the enemies within and stop evil plans they are hatching.
  • Rare Alchemy components have been added and normalized across these 3 dungeons so that all 3 realms have the same chance to get each component.
  • The dungeons of Catacombs of Cardova, Varulvhamn, and Treibh Caillte have had another itemization pass.
  • Constantine's Sound, Grenlock's Sound, and Lamfhota's Sound tutorial zones have been given a new texture pass.

Bug Fixes
  • Pet-pathing around Ellan Vannin has been generally improved. Bridges and Milegates have been given additional focus for improved pathing.
  • The starlight lake on Ellan Vannin should no longer allow players to ‘run’ through it in parts.
  • Several zone boundary walls around the docks on Ellan Vannin and in the pathways down from the port-in locations have been made less confining.
  • Several textures, trees, logs, and other objects placed around Ellan Vannin have been removed or altered to alleviate clipping and other art-related issues.
  • Several collision fixes have been made to geometry around the world that should prevent players from being able to get inside of or on top of areas they should not be able to.

User Interface

  • A new feature has been added for inventory movement: Shift+Right-click to equip/move.
  • Players can still move inventory around using the normal left-click + drag and drop mechanics as before but are now able to also simply hold their SHIFT key down and right-click items in their inventory to equip or move them to their vault, house vault, trade window, or saddle bags.
  • If another inventory window is open in addition to their paperdoll inventory, shift+right-clicking the items will move the items back and forth between the 2 inventory windows.
  • If no other inventory window is open, shift+right-clicking an item in the standard inventory will attempt to equip the item.
  • This feature should work on all inventory windows aside from the Consignment Merchant window. The CM window will be upgraded in this way in future updates.
  • Timered abilities now show their tooltip durations as “fading” for only the last 3 seconds instead of the last 10 seconds. This should help provide more clarity in exactly how much longer a short-duration ability has remaining.

Bug Fixes
  • The issue where timered buffs or debuffs would sometimes have an infinite duration when they shouldn’t has been fixed.
  • The tooltip delves for armor now properly show armor as “Chain Armor” instead of “Chain Weapon”.
  • Ability timers and cooldowns on the quickbar should now update appropriately.
  • There is still an existing issue with Realm Ability timers showing as on cooldown when being placed onto the quickbar again after already being placed once. This issue will be fixed in a future update.



  • 57 new Guild Emblems (19 per realm) have been added to the emblem viewer! Check out previews of each on the guild emblem page and choose your new emblem!
  • When performing a skill respec, all existing buffs and activated character abilities will be forcibly removed from the player.
  • Note that this does not include Realm Abilities or Realm Ability respecs.
  • NPCs of the 5v5 Pendragon Tournament Champions have been added to the Hall of Heroes.
  • Emblurr's NPC has been added near the Skald trainer in Jordheim.
  • Jessica and Kelsey NPCs have been added near the garden outside the castle in Camelot.
  • Some changes to Animist turret placement inside keeps have been made to better prevent turrets from being placed in areas they should not be. These changes are ongoing as we work to find the most balanced approach.
  • Animist turret placement restrictions now apply to friendly and enemy keeps instead of just enemy keeps as before.
  • Animist turrets can now only be placed with a height difference of 150 in-game units from the caster’s position instead of 250 in-game units within keeps.
  • A player’s pre-existing target is now cleared out when placing siege equipment.
  • The Spirit, Jotun, and Siabra Captain on Chapter 1 of the Otherworlds Campaign has had its spawn timer sped up.
  • Chapter 7 of the Otherworlds Campaign step to kill 60 enemies is now battlegroup credit.
  • The Otherworldly Disarm offensive proc has had its chance to proc reduced from 7% to 5%.

Quest Bug Fixes
  • Players on Rebellion: Answering the Call quest should no longer be able to become stuck on steps 3, 4, 5, or 7 if they are missing an item.
  • Players on Nimora’s Celestial Compass quest should no longer be able to become stuck on step 12 if they are missing an item.
  • Players on A Ring and a Prayer quest should no longer be able to become stuck on step 4 if they are missing an item.
  • Players on Confronting Vortimer quest should no longer be able to become stuck on step 3 if they are missing an item.
  • Players on The Lost Seed quest should no longer be able to become stuck on steps 11, 12 or 13 if they are missing an item.
  • Players on the Recruit Recommendation quest should no longer become stuck on step 1 if they stop talking to Zoawyn.

General Bug Fixes

  • Players should no longer get stuck in keep towers with open doors.
  • Relics can no longer be picked up and carried while underwater.
  • The Resist Pierce item bonus should now affect players up to 10% of the stat instead of only 5%.
  • The Shaman RR5, Restorative Mend, no longer overwrites the Shaman Endurance Chant.
  • Siegetower hookpoints at the corners of several keeps are now functioning correctly.
  • Artifact encounters no longer mention turning in scrolls when completed.
  • Templar mobs above level 50 now provide the proper double-hit chance.
  • The Hunter CL15 1-hand sword now has the correct absorb debuff proc instead of a haste debuff and it should now proc correctly.
  • The Shadowblade CL15 2-hand axe now raises Axe and Critical Strike weapon skills instead of Left Axe and Critical Strike.
  • The Shadowblade CL15 2-hand sword now raises Sword and Critical Strike weapon skills instead of Left Axe and Critical Strike.
  • The boat from Vasudheim to Audliten should no longer get stuck leaving the dock.
  • Mesmerization Feedback spells are now able to be overwritten by themselves to refresh their durations.
  • It is no longer possible to get passive weapon item bonuses to permanently exist on a character without having the weapon active.
  • The buildings in Vasudheim should now appear normally instead of partially frozen.
  • The Dilapidated Helm, Wulfen Gibbous Boots, the Hero of Cathal’s Helm and the Hero of Cathal’s Helmet now have the correct item icons.
  • The Apocalypse Spaulders and Greaves are now plate armor instead f chain.
  • The Scepter of Intellect is now usable in the 2-hand slot.
  • The Brittle-Bone Weighted Staff and Fist Wrap are now able to be sold.
  • Mauler Uppercut, Wind Taker, and Eagle Strike snare styles no longer apply if the target has root immunity active or is already rooted.
    • Wind Taker and Eagle Strike snare durations have been increased from 10s to 15s.