1.117B Pendragon Patch Notes


  • The Casual Group Finder has had several improvements made to it!
  • The Hibernia and Midgard versions of the new Another World Campaign quests are in!
  • The /hearth bind bug has been fixed!

Casual Group Finder

  • The minimum amount of players required to form an RvR or PvE "core" group has been reduced from 4 to 3.
    • With this change, the formation rules have been changed to allow for groups to build more organically.
    • For a full set of formation rules see the FAQ.
  • The /goption command has been changed to /goptions and now allows for shorter versions of the string to open the group options window, down to "/gop".
  • A new 'group status' string has been added to the /goptions window which will explicitly state your group's current setting: Private RvR group, Casual RvR Group, or Casual PvE group.
  • The /cgf and /goptions windows' radio boxes have been changed to checkboxes.
  • The Crowd Control class role is now defaulted as the group leader when Casual RvR groups are first formed, instead of the Healer role.
  • The Crowd Control class role is now greyed-out as an option when attempting to queue for Casual PvE groups.
  • Players with their /AFK flag set to ON will not be placed into CGF groups even if they are queued.
  • For more information on the Casual Group Finder and how it works, please check out the updated Casual Group Finder FAQ!


Another World Campaign – The Beginnings
  • Eerily Quiet - A new quest chain has been added that will lead players to a portal in the far reaches of their realm.
    • Defend Midgard against the Jotunn who have crossed over in search of the Aesir. Level 50 players should speak with Athr Hasetti Theyr in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.
    • Defend Hibernia against the Siabra who have crossed over from the Viel. Level 50 players should speak with Seneschal Desmond in the King’s Throne Room to begin their investigation.


  • Several text string changes have been made to the following emotes:
    • /talk
    • /loco
    • /startle
  • The entrances to the Labyrinth from the maze areas and the exits from the Labyrinth to the maze areas can no longer be used while in combat.

Bug Fixes

  • Using hearth recall stones or saying [hearth] to a channeler when on a different Ywain# than your house bind will no longer port players to the incorrect server's house lot location. Instead, players should be teleported back to their house's server and house lot location.