Live Server Downtime - Patch 1.118 and Herald Character Search

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Jul 13 11:57 -0400 GMT

Update 12:55 PM EST: Live servers are now online!

We are pleased to announce that Patch 1.118 is here!

Live servers will be coming down Tuesday, July 14th at 5:45 AM EST / 10:45 AM GMT

Check out the full patch notes HERE and the new Otherworlds Campaign Calendar HERE!

This downtime will also correct the RvR statistics not updating on the Herald's Character and Guild search feature. Additionally, we're pleased to announce that after the downtime, players will be able to search for characters on the Archived servers as well! This should help those returning players track down which server(s) their old characters were on!

Pendragon Patch 1.118a

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Jun 04 15:55 -0400 GMT

Greetings all,

With the 1.118 patch we've spent a lot of time working on not only exciting content and improvements but also on some behind-the-scenes fixes for Guilds and other systems that won't find their way into the patch notes. These fixes were necessary and will help us better reach our goals as we march onward. In addition, the notes linked below are only the first part, part A, of the entire 1.118 patch. We will be doing a second, 1.118B version in the coming weeks that will include some of our other promised features like the New Frontiers pathing improvements, as well as much more!

For now, you can read the 1.118a patch notes HERE!

Siege Ammunition Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 May 14 19:28 -0400 GMT
Notes below!

  • Speciality siege ammunition can now only be loaded and fired into level-appropriate siege engines.
    • These changes affect all siege weapon types that require ammunition: Trebuchet, Catapult, Ballista, and Palintone
    • For example, flaring greek fire siege ammunition can no longer be fired by sturdy field catapults (Thidranki) or strong field catapults (Braemar) but can be fired by tough field catapults (Wilton) and better; while the igniting greek fire siege ammunition is now the highest level greek fire that can be fired by sturdy field catapults.
    • Information-delves for each specialty siege ammunitions have been updated accordingly.
    • This fix is aimed at reducing the damage from siege in battleground zones to level-appropriate values.


Live Server Downtime for Patch 1.117E

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Apr 07 12:20 -0400 GMT
UPDATE 1:25 PM EST / 6:25 PM GMT: Ywain and Gaheris are back online!

The Live servers will be down tomorrow, Wednesday 4/8/15, at 5 AM EST / 10 AM GMT for patch 1.117E.

Notes are available HERE. Downtime is expected to be 8 hours.

Pendragon Downtime for Patch 1.117D

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Apr 02 11:39 -0400 GMT

UPDATE: Pendragon is back online. Check out the notes HERE.

The Pendragon server will be down today, Thursday 4/2/15, at 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT for patch 1.117D.

This down time fixes a few bugs lingering from the 1.117 patch. Notes to follow when the server comes up. Downtime is expected to be no more than 7 hours.

Client Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Mar 04 23:45 -0500 GMT
Greetings all,

We have a couple quick hot fix notes for you. Please be advised that users will need to re-patch the client to get these!
  • The Consignment Merchant window will no longer stay up on the screen after moving or clicking off of the window.
  • The Consignment Merchant window will no longer occassionally insert the incorrect inventory item slot when moving items to and from it.

Pendragon Hot Fix #2

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Feb 24 14:16 -0500 GMT

Hello all,

The newly revamped lower level dungeons and the new campaign encounter have both received some improvements. Read on for more details!

Pendragon Hot Fix

Posted by Development | 2015 Feb 22 14:30 -0500 GMT

Greetings all,

We have some bug fixes as well as changes to the 1.117 Pendragon notes hot and ready. Read on below!

Live Hot Fix - #2

Posted by John Thornhill | 2014 Dec 12 07:00 -0500 GMT

Greetings friends,

Darkness Falls is still THE place to be and that's easy to see with all of the realms vying for its control so much in the Frontiers! So what are you waiting for? Legion is /beckoning you.

Speaking of Legion... below is another batch of hot fix notes to address the fantastic feedback we've received on Patch 1.116. Enjoy!

Live Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2014 Dec 06 14:38 -0500 GMT
Greetings all,

We've received tons of great player feedback on the Darkness Falls' Champion Level 15 Weapons and have made the following changes.

  • The Absorb Debuff /use ability has been changed to a 10% abs debuff proc with 300 range and 150 radius. It no longer provides an abs buff.