A Dragon's Curse Campaign: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

     The Dream Stone is upon us. Its power is said to be unmatched of the five. IF we can use its power for good, for what is right, then the Tenebrous will fall and our next step will be to reclaim Darkspire and liberate the Undead.
--Commander Selan
     I am now King of the Drakulv, thanks to your help. There is something I wish to show you, it is a sanctuary of the Drakulv . Only the Drakulv are allowed to enter, and only the most esteemed. For you, I will make it the first exception. Meet me within Drakulvhamn, there is still work to be done.
--Garmr, King of the Drakulv
     The new alliance between Hibernia and the Abagath Dark Elves is a breath of fresh air for us in the Veil, and quite literally! The Rift has been taken, we have won it from the Marrach. Next, we venture further into the rift. A new waypoint has been opened, and inside is what we have been looking for. Come to me, and I will show you the way.
--Prince Reynarch, Leader of the Abagath

A Dragon’s Curse (Chapter 6)
  • The campaign continues! Adventure into your memories! Some of your favorite old zones await with new challenges!
  • These new dungeons are restricted to a single player only. Adventure through this challenging chapter at your own pace and relive your old memories!
    • Be sure to use Selan's Greatsword, the Drakulv Battle Horn, or Call Salle to summon some help while you are in the Dream.
      • Interact with the Dream Stone in Childe's Tomb, Drakulvhamn, or The Rift dungeons if you have lost the summoning item.
  • The 2016 5v5 Triumphant Wristguard is now available as a quest reward from Chapter 6!
    • To start chapter 6:
      • Speak with Commander Selan in Childe’s Tomb.
      • Speak with Garmr in Drakulvhamn.
      • Speak with Prince Reynarch in the Rift.
  • Please Note: Players may need to run their client's patcher if they are not able to see chapter 6's dungeons after porting.

Chapter 5

     Daila has forged our weapons. We can now strike the enemies from Darkspire and pierce their magical shield. It is time to reclaim Albion from the Tenebrous and prepare ourselves to move within the Catacombs. Once we defeat their leaders, Dartmoor will once again be safe.
--Commander Selan
     Warriors of Midgard! I have gone on a short journey since we last spoke. I have been into the Catacombs, passed the Burial Grounds, and into the Glashtin Forge. Freki and I searched for a smith capable of such miracles. I have the Soul Weapons. We can now defeat the Drakulv King and reclaim Drakulvhamn! It begins now!
--Garmr, leader of the Drakulv Rebellion
     Heroes, my sister, Sayri, has returned to Sheeroe Hills. She has been in the depths of Hibernia, and she is leading the Glimmer to build something…terrible. I fear Mother has gotten into her head again, and when Sayri listens to Mother, bad things happen! With our Soul Weapons, we can face Sayri and her terrors. We must stop her, for the good of a renewed Hibernia.
--Salle, the Glimmer Fairy
A Dragon’s Curse (Chapter 5)
The campaign continues! Defeat the leaders of the Cursed uprising!
New gear has been added to the aurulite merchants!
To start chapter 5:
  • Speak with Commander Selan in Childe’s Tomb or Camelot.
  • Speak with Garmr in Drakulvhamn.
  • Speak with Salle in the Rift or Tir na Nog.

Chapter 4

      As the outlook brightens within the dark tomb, Commander Selan is pushing the offensive forth into ending the Tenebrous uprising. Rackham, the first of the Undead to betray the Tenebrous and seek out Albion for aid, knows of a way to use the Soul Stone’s remaining power.
      With Oracle Sabna now a part of the Drakulv Revolution, the pillar of leadership begins to sway amongst the Drakulv rebels. However, this will not stop Garmr and his crusade to liberate the Varulv kind from their cursed masters. He will work with the Oracle, who has discovered a way of forging weapons made with soul magic, if it means he will no longer serve the ancient evils of Midgard’s troubled past.
      The Veil is home to all sorts of magic and terrors, and Prince Reynarch of Abagathar finally has his opportunity to make his mark in Dark Elven history with the defeat of the Glimmer. To that end, their Glimmer Fairy ally has thus far delivered unremarkable aid to the Abagathar Dark Elves – and she continues to do so. Salle cautiously offers the Resistance a way to create soul weapons – but with a warning; this magic is evil, and using it can have unknown consequences…
A Dragon’s Curse (Chapter 4)
The campaign continues! Gather the souls of your fallen enemies! 
To start Chapter 4:
  • Speak with Commander Selan in Childe’s Tomb.
  • Speak with Garmr in Drakulvhamn.
  • Speak with Salle within the Rift in Sheeroe Hills.
  • The Soul Stone’s Power buff from Oracle Sabna for Midgard players and from Childe for Albion players is now obtainable from their respective NPCs even after the Chapter 3 quest is completed.
    • Hibernia players can get this buff from their Salle companion.
  • The Blood Stone quest encounter was bugged in the case that some players may not have received their Blood Stone from Chapter 2.
  • Note: You will need the Blood Stone to complete coming chapters.
  • On Albion: Defeating the Blood Slime in the Blood Pit within Childe’s Tomb will always award players who are missing their Blood Stone with a replacement. The Blood Slime will always spawn for players who have completed the Chapter 2 quest, ‘The Blood Stone’, by interacting with the Blood Pit.
  • On Midgard: Defeating the Blood God in Priestess Aiyana’s Shrine will always award players who are missing their Blood Stone with a replacement. The Blood God will always spawn for players who have completed the Chapter 2 quest, ‘The Blood Stone’, by defeating Priestess Aiyana.
  • On Hibernia: Defeating the corrupt dragon hatchling in the Rift will always award players who are missing their Blood Stone with a replacement. The corrupt dragon hatchling will always spawn for players who have completed the Chapter 2 quest, ‘The Blood Stone’, by destroying the glimmer egg.

Chapter 3

    Commander Selan has heard no mention of the next magic stone, but there is word of an unexpected ally from within Childe’s Tomb. Artemelis, Selan’s trusted companion, has met with the tomb’s keeper, and he is willing to provide Selan with valuable information that may tip the tide in Albion’s favor.
    With Garmr and his men investigating the location of the next magic stone, Sigrun and Theso have learned of a Drakulv traitor within Drakulvhamn. This traitor, a highly influential and respected Oracle of the Drakulv, has agreed to meet with a hero of Midgard and show them the potential of the Soul Stone’s true power.
    Salle the Glimmer Fairy continues to prove a valuable ally, as she has discovered the dormant power within your Soul Stone. Speak to her by calling her with her flute, and she’ll explain how Hibernia can harness the stone’s ominous might.
If you lose Salle’s flute, you can receive a new one by speaking with Salle in the Rift.
A Dragon’s Curse (Chapter 3)

The campaign continues! The Soul Stone's Power awaits!

To start chapter 3:
  • Speak with Commander Selan in Childe’s Tomb in Dartmoor.
  • Speak with either Theso or Sigrun, depending on the path you've chosen, in Drakulvhamn in Malmohus.
  • Visit Salle the Glimmer Fairy in the Rift in Sheeroe Hills.

Chapter 2

    We've finally broken through the barriers and have laid the uncharted tunnels open for exploration. If what Rackham says is true about the Soul Stone, I fear we may already be too late to stop the plans of the Tenebrae. Nonetheless, our next move is planned. Make haste to me.
--- Commander Selan
    The incessant wind has finally stopped. We can now venture deeper into these treachorous tunnels. If the Soul Stone was an indication of the riches to be found, we of the Frozen Torch are destined to more glory, fame, and wealth than I first thought. Garmr's prattling about some ceremony be damned; there's a dragon's treasure hoard down here and we'll be the ones to take it.
--Theso of the Frozen Torch
    The Abagath have finished their work with the energy barriers, I can finally lead you further into The Veil. I will be by your side to guide you in this place, for there are many dangers. Nothing matters compared to our search for the dragon eggs. We must find them, for Hibernia!
--Salle, the Glimmer Fairy
A Dragon’s Curse (Chapter 2)

The campaign continues! Find the Blood Stone!

To start chapter 2:
  • Speak with Commander Selan in Childe’s Tomb in Dartmoor.
  • Plan your next move with the Drakulv traitor, Garmr in Drakulvhamn in Malmohus.
  • Visit Salle the Glimmer Fairy in the Rift in Sheeroe Hills.
The entire dungeons are now open for exploration!
  • Several new quests and quest types have been added to the dungeon:
    • Normal Quests – Can be done as a solo player.
    • Elite Quests – Will typically involve a small group to complete. These are marked (Elite) in the quest’s title.
    • Battlegroup Quests – Will require a battlegroup to complete. These are marked (Battlegroup) in the quest’s title.
    • Campaign Quests – Will have varying degree of difficulty. These are marked as [Cursed] in the quest’s title. They also state if they are achievable (Solo), as a (Small Group), or require a (Battlegroup).
    • All quest credit is battlegroup credit (but can be completed as a solo or group as well).
  • Aurulite and loot changes:
  • The Aurulite Merchants have new potions!
  • Legacy Merchants that offer legacy Catacombs items have been added inside the dungeons.
    • These will be updated with more legacy items in the coming chapters. 
  • The chance for all enemies in the new dungeons to drop aurulite has been increased.
  • Named, non-elite enemies, have an increased chance to drop aurulite. However, they are typically more difficult than regular enemies.
  • Enemies marked <Elite> always drop a larger stack of aurulite. Elite enemies are typically powerful and require several allies.
  • The crafting ingredient, powdered aurulite, has been added to the loot table of the dungeon enemies.

Chapter 1

    I said I would call upon you again and now I have. Together with our new Undead allies, we have found the stronghold of the Tenebrae. They make base in an ancient tomb deep within Dartmoor, one whose legends tell of an old hunter who died here in a snowstorm. What a different place Albion was back then. Meet me here, and with our new allies we can begin to end this Undead threat.
--- Commander Selan
    It is time, adventurers. The glory, fame, and riches we have for so long been chasing finally are within reach. It is time to invade Drakulvhamn, home of the nasty Varulv that aided Gjapinulva. There are bound to be riches inside – and the Frozen Torch will be the ones to claim them.
--Theso of the Frozen Torch
    At first, I was uneasy about betraying my kind, the Glimmer. But now, I see the good in the world, the good in Hibernia. There is a phenomenon occurring, one that hasn’t been seen in decades. The Veil has once again opened, leading to what is one of the infinite rifts inside of it. The opening is in Sheeroe Hills, and this must be more than mere coincidence. The dragon eggs must be involved. Meet me inside – I will be waiting for you.
--Salle, the Glimmer Fairy
A Dragon’s Curse (Chapter 1)
  • Venture into Dartmoor, Malmohus, and Sheeroe Hills once again and continue A Dragon’s Curse!
  • New open-world dungeons have been added to the three realms, and these can be found in each realm’s dragon zones!
    • Dartmoor - Explore around the soutwest corner of the zone for tomb's entrance!
    • Malmohus - Explore around the northwest corner of the zone for the tunnel entrance!
    • Sheeroe Hills - Explore around the northwest corner of the zone for the veil's rift entrance!
    • Please note that if you are currently logged in you must re-patch to be able to see the new dungeon entrances.
  • Aurulite returns! Within the new dungeons awaits quests and enemies who will award players with aurulite, which can be spent at the new aurulite merchants within the dungeons!
  • The encounters involved in Chapter 1 are meant for a single player to be able to complete alone. However, to do so will be challenging so we encourage players to team up with your fellow realm mates for a speedier conquest!

A Dragon's Curse (Prologue)

  • In case you haven't completed the Prologue yet...
There is an un...easy tension stirring in Albion. Commander Selan and her companions, King Constantine’s chosen heroes, have been given authority over this unusual phenomenon. There is quite the uproar occurring near Albion’s grand church. Find Commander Selan and speak to her!
Roshak has been assigned to investigate the distrubance in Malmohous by King Eirik and is ruminating on who should lead the expedition. Theso, leader of an unruly band of treasure hunters and scoundrels known as the Frozen Torch, is now leading the forefront to find lost Midgard relics. The only way to stop these treasures from falling into the wrong hands is to find them first, and that’s just what Sigrun of the Shield of Valhalla, a sect of Valkyries and other soldiers loyal to Midgard’s ancestry, plans to do. Visit Roshak in the Assembly Hall and then find Sigrun and Theso arguing near the Burial Grounds in Jordheim.
The Veil has become unstable, and we’ve dispatched Hibernian Magi to try and quell the disruption. On top of that, a Glimmerling has ventured from Sheeroe Hills and has come to Tir Na Nog seeking an alliance in regards to the unstable rift. The Glimmer working with Hibernia is a rare occurrence indeed, and is worth at least hearing out this messenger. Our Tailtiu allies have escorted the Glimmer here, and Supreme Eldritch Cystilla has been assigned to oversee the matter at the rift's entrance.

v1.123B DAOC Item Database Update

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Aug 07 17:23 -0400 GMT
The downloadable Item Database has received the following updates and corrections:

  • The database now includes items up to version 1.123B.
    • Fixed an issue where jewelry items were missing slot information.
    • Fixed an issue where some items had incorrect monster source information.
    • Fixed an issue preventing One-Time-Drop and certain store-based items from being included in the database.
  • All metadata has been cleaned up and now correctly categorizes item bonus types and their ids.
    • The metadata has been removed from the database file and is now available as a separate file download.

Check out the database and metadata HERE!

A Dragon's Curse Campaign: Chapter 5

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Jul 25 13:39 -0400 GMT

Official Item Database Download

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Jul 05 17:43 -0400 GMT

As promised, here is our Official Item Database download

Web developers or software programmers can utilize the database's .json format to create valuable template-building and item search tools or convert it to a file type that works with existing tools' item databases. While we will be offering an item search tool on the new website at some point after it launches, this downloadable database is meant to bridge the gap until then and provide an up to date database of the game's equipment!

Please note: this Item Database contains data only on equippable items (armor, jewelry, and weapons) and is not meant for non-equippable items.


The Rites of Spring Event, Bonuses, and Ghost Keep Changes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Apr 14 10:46 -0400 GMT
Update: The Ghost Keep event and Ellan Vannin portal ceremony, Buggane's Obelisk buff, and keep changes will remain in effect until patch 1.123 when permanent solutions will be addressed.

Springtime is here again, and with the warmth and renewed bloom of the landscape an ancient menace returns!

The deceptively cuddly Harbinger of Spring has found its way onto Ellan Vannin. The Kings of the Realms have placed a bounty on this beast for any who wish to drive the menace out of their lands and to collect the coveted Gem of the Harbinger!

Additionally, we have the following changes to the Ghost Keep event to announce and of course, some RvR bonuses for you!

The Rites of Spring event and these bonuses will continue through Monday, May 1st.

Gaheris Live Server Downtime - Amazon Maintenance

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Apr 03 08:20 -0400 GMT
Update 12:20 PM EDT / 5:20 PM GMT: Maintenance is complete and Gaheris is once again open to players!

The Gaheris server will be coming down Monday, April 3rd at 11:00 AM EST / 4 PM GMT for maintenance of Amazon server hosting.

The server is expected back up before 2:30 PM EST / 7:30 PM GMT.

St. Patrick's Day Event

Posted by John Thornhill | 2017 Mar 16 14:22 -0400 GMT
Are you feeling lucky?

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day and running from now until Monday, March 20th, our second annual 'Leprechaun Treasure' quest is on!  

To get the quest, level 50s should pay the following poor souls a consoling visit:

Edmund in Cotswold's tavern
Bjorne in Mularn's beer hall
Silvadren in Mag Mell's pub

  • As part of the quest, players will be shapeshifted into a realm-specific "leprechaun" but have ALL of their stats debuffed by 75%.
  • But fear not, leprechauns may be weak but they are also nigh impossible to catch: shapeshifted players will also have an unbreakable CC-immunity and speed buff for the duration of the shapeshift.  
  • Oh, and we hear the real leprechauns love hiding their treasure in dangerous lands and ancient ruins. Enjoy some zany RvR through the weekend!
  • The ROG reward is a choice between a ring or a bracer similar to the Valentine's Day event with some slight differences. These ROGs will only allow up to 5 slots for stats but will also have 1 of 6 possible /uses.
For players of all level ranges, there are three pesky little tricksters who are hoping you're not too lucky! A 'charming' reward will be bestowed upon those who have the cunning to out-wit:

Killaghe in Albion
Daighu in Midgard
Iollarme in Hibernia

The "Luck of a Leprechaun" quest can be obtained from the following:

Sir Prescott in Cotswold
Hrolf in Mularn
Epona in Mag Mell

Once again, the event will run until Monday, March 20th.

A happy and safe St. Patrick's Day to one and all, and we'll see you in the Frontiers!

The Last Breath

Posted by Development | 2017 Mar 13 07:56 -0400 GMT

They say that when you take the last breath of life, that you go to a better place. This a false promise. To them, I am what the Creator is to us. I am a being of the light, of hope, of a greater promise. I am what they once were and with their callowness, what they wish to be again.

But it is thanks to them that I am telling you this now. For even in the darkest hour of the night sky, there are infinite shining stars. So it is true with them, too, as they have proven to me. In the sea of death there is yet still a soul. This changes everything, the very foundation of us all. Perhaps the Northmen were right. Or the Elves. Or all of us, in some way. Perhaps our King is still too out there, in the darkness. Watching us, protecting us, fighting a war that we do not know exists.

The stars have shown me. The heir of mighty Gol
estandt has awoken deep beneath Albion. Sleeping for years, protected by the darkness. We have been careless without our King. Too distracted by the Ice and the Forest, we have ignored the evil. We must end this dragon before it grows. Before it becomes more powerful than its father. Before it has an army of darkness.

And as such, we must venture once again into the deepest, darkest burrows of the underworld; which we vowed to never return to again. But this time, we will not go alone.

The stars will guide us in the night sky for as long as they can. With their light, we must shine brighter than ever; for the darkness of death is coming.

Bonds of Ice

Posted by Development | 2017 Mar 09 15:19 -0500 GMT

Ice, snow, frost. Blood, war, honor. These are the minerals from which Northmen are forged. We are men made of stone. Should the fiercest foe stand before us…it matters not.

Our frostbitten axes and iron hammers will conquer any enemy. We have proven ourselves. Gjalpinulva. A dragon. What a beauty she was. Some may remember those times as dark and filled with death. No – Midgard was never more alive. The mead-halls were filled with Warriors! Skalds sang of her frozen glare! Warrior after Warrior marched into Malmohus, ready to be welcomed by the gates of Valhalla! But Gjalpinulva had a death sentence. Midgard made sure of that.

It may be odd, this tale coming from me. I was not one of those men. But I am now. It is in times like these when all of Midgard must band together. Here, you are a Northman if you’ve proven yourself in battle. Even if you were foes the night before. Battle? A simple task for those of my kind. But for what is coming – we cannot afford to stand apart.

In the depths of Midgard, ancient relics yet lie dormant. I have seen them. They are here. And their power is fearsome. The race to hold that power will begin soon. The realm will be tested, and not only against itself, but by a foe whose power approaches Odin's. Were these weapons ever meant to be held by our hands? No – but we will need them. All of them.

I write this from the deepest depths of Midgard. That some might read this gives faint hope. We must act decisively –  and soon. The dragons, the Catacombs, the Drakulv, the relics, the Glashtin – Midgard. We are all intertwined. We are all the North. And when this darkness comes, our bonds will be tested like never before.

Dark Destiny

Posted by Development | 2017 Mar 08 07:59 -0500 GMT

The Veil. It is endless. It is the end of all things. An orange expanse of nothing, yet…everything. We are all the Veil. We start as the Veil, and we will end as the Veil. I have learned as much by now...

Those who can harness it are deemed gods. But there are no gods here. No, just…. life. Life like you and I back home. Kings, queens, magi, slaves, beasts, and dragons. They are all here. Yes – dragons. And so it seems, after all, that we do indeed share something with those mighty terrors. We are not bound to reality. We are all the Veil. Alas, I am getting ahead of myself. Allow me to start at the beginning.

Years ago, I was among the many cadets, vagrants, and now heroes looking to make a name for myself during the Dragon Campaign. Cuuldurach, who we came to know as the Glimmer King, had been a menace to Hibernia for decades, and it was time to stop his reign of fear. Some of you men and women may recall the hardships the Glimmer King bestowed upon us. Sheeroe Hills was twisted from lush, green forests to the dark, raging skies of today. The Dark Elves, the Veil, Darkspire - not a thought then. Not even an existence. Now look at what it has all become.

Yes, we struck down Cuuldurach. Hibernia rejoiced, and deservingly so. The reclamation of Sheeroe Hills did not come without its toll. Many of us were lost during that campaign. But it was not over. The Glimmer, those mystical creatures, still lingered among the hills. How could we exterminate them all? The dragon eggs – was the spawn of the Glimmer King himself out there? It is here, at this point, where a new chapter begins – not the epilogue we had once assumed. If only we had known it then, we could have prevented what is coming. There is no stopping it now.

They are a curse. Beings so powerful, yet so evil. If their hearts were pure, what instead would our realm be? They plant their evil seed in the darkest depths of the hearts of men. The seed grows, and before long, that evil blooms. And it spreads, like the glimmer plague did once before.

Those seeds? The dragon eggs. Imagine – an egg of the Glimmer King at your feet. A source of endless power. What choice do you make? Do you take your hammer and end its evil? Do you take it back to the Veil from whence it came? Surely that answer is simple now after what I have seen.

Or is it? With power like that, is good possible? Or is an inevitable evil tied to these beasts?