Chapter 6
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 6, and must have completed all previous chapters. 


Once you've completed Chapter 5, continue speaking with Master Torgo to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Back on Track.
Master Torgo wants you to offer your assistance to Master Cindy in the Otherworldly town of Fort Atla.
Speak with Garrisa beside Master Torgo who will teleport you to Fort Atla

Once teleported, speak with Master Cindy to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with her to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Obvious Allies.
Master Cindy wants you defeat Ymir's ally, Hel, within Fort Atla.

Venture north of Master Cindy's location in to Fort Atla, being mindful of aggro within the town.
Enter the fort and kill Hel.
Hel has mobs that come to her aid during the fight. These mobs are named Soulless, con red to level 50, and AoE.

Once Hel is defeated, return to Master Cindy to collect your gloves reward.

Additional Quests

There are two additional quests available in Chapter 6. One quest offers a large amount of experience points and gold, while the other is a pre-requisite quest in order to collect Otherworldly Ore, needed in crafting the updated and new Legendary Weapons. 

[Jotun]: Loose Ends

Dina Lornsdottir, located in the house to the north-east inside Orthwordly Fort Atla, has a quest for you!

Speak with her to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Loose Ends
Dina Lornsdottir fears the friend she left behind has forgotten her and wants your help.
Travel to Fort Atla in the real world and search around the town to find her journal.
Bring the journal to Falla Hemingr in Jordheim.

Speak with Garissa outside Fort Atla and travel to [Svasud Faste]
Once there, speak with the porter to travel to the [town] of [Fort Atla].
Find the same house in the real world as Dina Lornsdottir resided inside the Otherworld and /search behind it to retrieve Dina's journal.

Travel to Jordheim and locate Falla Hemingr in one of the city houses (loc: 22575, 23479, 8305).
Speak with her to complete the quest and obtain your reward.


[Jotun]: The Last Bottle

Locate the skeleton figure named Ditmas in the house to the north-east inside Fort Atla.
Speak with him to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: The Last Bottle

Ditmas has a riddle for you, but can't remember the words without a bottle of wine!
Search within Otherworld Fort Atla for a bottle of wine for Ditmas.

Find Brokkr inside Fort Atla's blacksmith's house (loc: 29363, 13484, 4431).
Speak with him to complete this quest.

Continue speaking with Brokkr to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Better Late than Never
Brokkr will give you a bottle of wine for Ditmas, but also sends you on a quest of his own to deliver some strange mineral ore found in the Otherworld.
Return to Ditmas with the wine to complete the first part of this quest.
Check your journal for the next step.

Your journal notes that you need to travel to Erikstaad housing market and speak with Sindri to deliver the ore from Brokkr.
Sindri the Taxidermist can be found by the market back wall (loc: 29770, 41463, 3637).
Speak with him to complete this part of the quest.

Continue speaking with Sindri to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: Ore What?
Sindri wants you to return to the Otherworld and retrieve three more pieces of ore.
Travel back into the Otherworld and collect three pieces of ore around the Chapter 6 town of Fort Atla.
Once collected, return to Sindri in Erikstaad market place.
Speak with him to complete the quest and obtain your reward.



  • After completing Chapter 5, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 6:
    • Albion: Master Locke in the Otherworlds' Black Mountains South, Chapter 5 area
    • Midgard: Master Torgo in the Otherworlds' Gotar, Chapter 5 area
    • Hibernia: Master Valentine in the Otherworlds' Silvermine Mountains, Chapter 5 area
  • Take back the town!
    • The realms have encountered yet more new enemies guarding Humberton, Fort Atla, and Howth.
    • Conquer the towns and earn the Otherworldly Gloves reward!
    • Investigate the strange new Otherworldly Ore!
      • Please note that you will have to run the patcher in order to see the Otherworldly Ore in-game.
    • Players that have completed the Picking a Fight quest during the Prologue can now port to Lyonesse, Vanern Swamp, and the Bog of Cullen at channelers throughout the world!

Fan Fiction


I've sent for the Einherjar, that Norse Thane. He will come. A mother has her ways, and of ways, I was not always a mother.

With this girl. I know if you see her, she is real. Treat her as you treat me, and she will follow you home. And, then when here, that real talk, we will have. For you have need not of two mothers.

I pray to Odin that Renvek arrives in time.

Your Mummz, late Jarlkona and best left unsaid

Return letter to:

Renvek has joined our quest, not an hour too soon, and with his presence, our forces gain numbers, fierceness, and courage. When first he arrived, I caught glances from some of the other fighters, admiration, attentive, but fleeting less discovered. But fighting side by side, an understanding is reached, what once seemed impossible feats, we have now realized actual. Such love of life! Yet with all of our approval, he requires, requested nothing of us, simply came to serve, to defend, to assist our need. I cannot face Alvaas until I can understand, practice, this kind of selfless devotion to all, this unblinking courage despite any odds.

Almost as soon as Renvek arrived, Master Torgo requested that we travel to this Otherworld Fort Alta to assist Master Cindy there. Upon our arrival, Master Cindy made cry of joy that such a renowned force was in attendance. Master Cindy spoke to us then of a being within the otherworldly walls, a commiserator of Ymir, this Hel, a Jotun almost as dangerous, he believed, as Ymir in all his might, yet dangerous of a different nature.

Renvek did not appear to want to take charge, our Dwarf leader was going about things decently. Instead, I observed him go around camp, doing the small things that needed to be done, the small and oft overlooked things that sway even the most lopsided battle. Encouragement, strategy, a quick and effective strike and parry, repeated until the recruits have it sufficiently. Soon, we advanced to this town, feeling as invaders to the dreams of our brothers in Fort Alta, yet a world away from this Otherworld.

Again, she touched my arm. "We are fortunate he joined us." I thought then of you, of your words, perhaps too much. "I pleaded of my mother to send for him" I replied, evenly. Perhaps it was surprise that briefly flashed over her face, followed quickly by I think pleasure. I know not whether it was the idea that you had sent or that I had responded adequately, but whatever it was, I want it to happen again. She smiled then, and bade that I follow Renvek, to learn from him, "for there are secrets of courage and strength that I have not learned, in order to guide you." As I strode away I heard her last request. Yes, I am still protecting you I thought, with warmth.

A simple task if done well, is complex, yet a single work of beauty. You taught me that. Renvek taught me again.

The walls, upon our approach to the fort, were guarded by casters of significant ability. Immediately our healers were taxed. "Retreat or attack, choose." I turned, and Renvek was looking at me, somehow he knew, teaching me. He grinned, we attacked.

Even the sentries here were difficult Mummz, and they called reinforcements, for every kill within the fort, soon a new Jotun took its place, ceaselessly interrupting our forces, our healers, whittling down our numbers. "Assist me" cried Renvek. Soon, almost as if he had sounded a separate battle cry, the Jotun began to drop more steadily, and we advanced to the rear of the fort. When a path to Hel was cleared, we attacked.

"Too soon" he called, yet our damage was done. The remaining Jotun casters engaged, again Alvaas was severely taxed. With final Ragnarok to the Jotun he had been engaged with, Renvek instantly called upon the storms as only a true follower of Thor may do, smashing the distant aggressors, and buying our support the direly needed yet brief recovery they called for. "All on Hel" Renvek called over the din of battle, "I'll deal with the adds."

As Alvaas requested, directed, I fought, yet watched him. Fought Hel as Renvek instructed, watched Renvek as Alvaas wanted. Lightning from the sky of such magnitude that even Hel paused, searching for the source. Then hit by such force, her magical force, this Hel focused briefly on me. My full attention, then was given her. Finally Hel spotting our Einherjar, made for him. I called out, yet of appearance it was not needed. With a grin Renvek turned and swung a true stroke to outstretched Jotun hand, followed by her shriek of rage. Then a brief look to me, then the final caster not yet mastered, still interrupting, damaging. With a nod, I broke off, to test the melee of this final caster. I wonder still how Renvek had stripped half its life, when it took me what felt like long minutes to finish his earlier fight.

A triumphant shout rose from those behind me, then the voice of our Norse Thane, "Do not rejoice to long here, nor delay our rally, for even now these creatures come again out of the darkness, and now their master has fallen and they will be without restraint."

We rallied to Master Cindy. A safe distance from the Fort. Taking what we gave her, she crafted beautiful gloves for all present, gloves with the ability to double my defenses. In my excitement I almost missed her joke, talking to me. "Don't think this means I'll be healing you any less, warrior" she called, coyly. Would that I could take all of her attentions!

Still, it is late, she is asleep sound, and my arms grow stiff. I have sat watch my shift and now must rest. With your words, your gifts and actions, you have given me much to think on, Mummz.

Your son,


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