Chapter 3
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 3, and must have completed the prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. 


Once you've completed Chapter 2, continue speaking with Master Rarold to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: To the Front.
Master Rarold wants you to offer your assistance to Master Engler at the Forward Camp.
Speak with Garrisa who will teleport you to the Forward Camp. 

Once teleported to the Forward Camp, speak with Master Engler to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest: [Jotun]: A Simple Task.
Master Engler wants you to clear the nearby camps and defeat the commander.
Defeat all mobs in the camp until a Midgardian banner appears over the camp.

Continue to each camp until all 4 camps are cleared and have the Midgardian banner displayed.
Jotun Faithful will continue to spawn from the portal and attempt to repopulate the camps.
Position one or two players at the portal to kill these mobs as they appear.
Once all camps have been cleared, the commander will spawn from the Portal.
Defeat Captain Turgir.

Return to Master Engler to complete the quest and obtain your bracer reward.


  • After completing Chapter 2, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 3:
    • Albion: Master Raystan in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse, Chapter 2 area
    • Midgard: Master Rarold in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp, Chapter 2 area
    • Hibernia: Master Moore in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen, Chapter 2 area
  • Attack the camps!
    • Scouts have uncovered a force of new enemies gathering in the Otherworlds. Take the fight to them and earn the Otherworldly Bracer reward!
    • With Chapter 3, players are now able to venture to the final area of the Otherworldly Lyonesse, Vanern Swamp, and Bog of Cullen zones!
    • Discover more Otherworldly Essences in these new areas!

Fan Fiction


I have erie feeling this is to be my last letter to you. Yet may this my first statement not be true!

But a troll never lies, you taught me that, and said it I have.

Master Rarold woke me early this morning, before the rock craigletts had started stirring, and I woke with a start but ready to begin this adventure anew.

Offer assistance to Master Engler at the Forward Camp. When am I going to get the chance to be the forward master? A fleeting thought.

I gathered our number, or was it our Dwarf leader. Soon we were assembled. Garrisa again assisting our transfer this time to forward camp. I thank her.

Master Engler has a simple task. Even this Trolling knows it is never simple, Mummz. Clear the nearby camps and defeat the commander. Simple to write here at least.

Alvaas has spoken my name, and all are looking at me, most smiling. I pause and recollect what was just said. She thinks this simple task fit perfectly for me. I grin then, not perhaps for reason they think. She recognized me to the group. Motivation then previously unknown. Lets get this done. Follow my lead.

Four camps. Arrayed in a semi-circle. Guarding something yet undiscovered. We raze the first camp, but still more enemies appear. Finally, our flag is raised and we press on.

And again, to camp three.

Over my back I sense, possibly hear its taunting laughter. Our first camp is undone, flag laid low. It was that Jotun faithful that came out of the ether. Our Dwarf leader agrees with a nod. He will guard against future folly of this kind.

We clean camp one again, three, and four. Once, a shout for help from our Dwarf. Yet others I think he handled alone.

And then, the flag of Midgard is flown in undenied supremacy.

"Show yourself, commander!" I am stronger than before, feel stronger than I was. Alvaas watching at my back, her gaze unknown yet hopefully in its path am I. We all need to be paying attention, support classes included. I may need some healing!

A Captain Turgir appears. This must be the commander. Not interested in parlay then, even displaying our mighty flags around? Well then, a Troll has no need for sensitivity when might is what she apparently wants. Turgir has a fabulous sword. I must take it. I must have something to impress Alvaas. I do.

It is done, yet she shows no interest in my new blade, a large blade of strength yet origin unknown.

We return to Master Engler. He consults his notes, utilizes our spoils, and proffers us with a magical bracer of superlative defensive qualities. I choose physical defensives, simply because she wants me to be physical, I think. I glance then at Alvaas, at her. She is smiling and rubbing this new bracer she wears, tenderly, or possessively, it is unclear. I look, and my hand is offering her mine. "Please, take it, your skills at mending broken hearts and supporting any attack are beyond anything I could hope for, and even our enemies know it and attack you first. I will rest easier if you wear this, wear this for me, please".

She smiled then. "I thank you". Not said with words, this quick of tongue one, but said with smile, with eyes, and briefest touch of hand as she collects what I freely offer. I am glade beyond words, beyond thought, that she has taken this.

Heart quite torn

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