Chapter 3
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 3, and must have completed the prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. 


Once you've completed Chapter 2, continue speaking with Master Moore to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: To the Front.
Master Moore wants you to offer your assistance to Master Ernston at the Forward Camp.
Speak with Barrisa who will teleport you to the Forward Camp. 

Once teleported to the Forward Camp, speak with Master Ernston to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with him to obtain the quest: [Siabra]: A Simple Task.
Master Ernston wants you to clear the nearby camps and defeat the commander.
Defeat all mobs within the camp until a Hibernian banner appears over the camp.

Continue to each camp until all 4 camps are cleared and have the Hibernian banner displayed.
Siabra Defenders will continue to spawn from the portal and attempt to repopulate the camps.
Position one or two players at the portal to kill these mobs as they appear.
Once all camps have been cleared, the commander will spawn from the Portal.
Defeat Captain Lenaresil.

Return to Master Ernston to complete the quest and obtain your bracer reward.


  • After completing Chapter 2, visit the following NPCs to continue on to Chapter 3:
    • Albion: Master Raystan in the Otherworlds' Lyonesse, Chapter 2 area
    • Midgard: Master Rarold in the Otherworlds' Vanern Swamp, Chapter 2 area
    • Hibernia: Master Moore in the Otherworlds' Bog of Cullen, Chapter 2 area
  • Attack the camps!
    • Scouts have uncovered a force of new enemies gathering in the Otherworlds. Take the fight to them and earn the Otherworldly Bracer reward!
    • With Chapter 3, players are now able to venture to the final area of the Otherworldly Lyonesse, Vanern Swamp, and Bog of Cullen zones!
    • Discover more Otherworldly Essences in these new areas!

Fan Fiction

Decoded using high war glyph and hidden magics by Eiridethies, Enchantress to the Shining Thron
Distribution Disallowed

The Shining Thron
Army of the Seelie

I received your directive from Master Moore to the front. Master Ernston at our Forward Camp received me, anxious for news of strategic guidance. With limited direction from Tir Na Nog I was vague in my conveyances. Upon speaking to Ernston, an Eldritch, tall even for an elf, he requested a favor. Due lack of time between these dire developments I am simply sending you my recent notes of encounters here.

A simple task, he shrugged. Though if so simple, surely commission some of the Firbolgs in attendance to complete it, I note on script, for they were otherwise unoccupied, staring out into the dank fog. Ah, but Ernston requested my hand in this matter. I tap my pen to parchment. At a minimum I will requisition his troops for a while. Idle hands beget idle talk as is said. A group of six Firbolgs and one shifty Lurikeen under my command. Though I have many Lurikeen friends, this Vampiir appears less loyal to Hibernia than most. A challenge then, though unfortunate a challenge more common of recent.

I convey our operation to the group. Before us are several Siabra camps spread out. I am momentarily impressed by their orderly array. Taut tents, straight lines and poles, and no idling behavior observed. Making note of this for further report, I instruct these recruits to clear these camps, beginning with the closest, and then to find and defeat this commander. Of course the Lurikeen has a question, tiny hand raised. How do we know there is a commander, he asks. The camp is orderly, there are poles at each encampment, flying pennant of strange insignia. With orderly camps there is order of rank, and thus certain commander. The Lurikeen appears to process this.

I notch arrow to bow, and with a grunt loose volley in close succession. One Siabra falls. There were more at this first camp than I believed, a group or so, some come running. I send the Blademasters and Vampiir in to occupy at close range their archers, while I assist on timely targets. Assist you fools! The first camp falls. Not needing my cue, one of our group raises the pendant of Hibernia while the rest look to me. There is a shining portal close to the center of the arch of encampments. I direct the most seasoned Blademaster to guard that portal, and kill anything that comes out, calling for aid as required.

We begin on the second encampment much as before, with mix of close combat and range, assisting first on ranged attackers and any who by folly attack our support. I notice fighting at the portal, but it was only one Siabra Defender and is quickly dispatched by seasoned Blademaster. The third and fourth camp fall in much the same manner, but during final encampment there is a shout. There are three Siabra leaving the portal and headed to our banners most like; too many for our lone melee'r. Arwan favor us, we complete our task and hurry in time to assist on these remaining three.

Just then with roar, the commander, Captain Lenaresil, calling himself leader of the "Siabra Defenders," attacks. Near twice the size of our Firbolgs, arrayed in armor of distant relation to paladin plate, he proves well defended. I ensure the remaining Siabra Defenders are rounded up and then assist at point blank range on Lenaresil. An impressive last stand for one though in the end he lost this fight. I fear we are fortunate; having not lost any since that first night.

I direct a quick account of our spoils. Three crates from each encampment, tents, and traveling supplies. This was no long term outpost. Eight cases of food (of dubious quality) and four of expendable items. A shout at the Lurikeen. Magic will test these food supplies for trickery before any make breakfast. Arrows here, however, and decent quality, weathered for this damp air with oil and hard wood of sort. I take my share.

Of special note, highlighted with Tree of Life and exclamation. If face we many more of Lenaresil quality, our numbers and expertise here are not enough.

Please send Hibernians of stronger stuff.

Message encoded by Colvae
Secret Word: Connla

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