Chapter 10
You must be level 50 to start this quest line.This quest cannot be completed solo, you will need a group or more to complete Chapter 10, and must have completed all previous chapters. 


Once you've completed Chapter 9, speak with King Constantine in the throne room to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: A King's Request.
King Constantine wants you to travel to the Frontiers and locate Captain Haley at the Portal Keep due to a request for aid from King Uther.
Exit the throneroom and speak with Channeler Deng'ani and port to [Forest Sauvage] in the Frontiers.
Once ported, locate the Frontiers Portal Stone and port to Cear Berkstead.

Once teleported, locate Captain Haley by the Portal Stone in Berkstead and speak with her to complete this part of the quest.
Continue speaking with her to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: Friendly Faces.
Captain Haley needs you to find King Uther in the Central Keep of Ellan Vannin and help him defeat the enemies of the realm!

With friends in tow, travel to the island of Ellan Vannin and enter the neutral Central Keep of Knoc Meayll.
If Knoc Meayll is not neutral, you will need to wait until it resets (currently 90 mins from last time it was taken).
Knoc Meayll has two outer doors you'll need to break through using rams and/or weapons, and aggressive guards to fight.
Once both doors are down, enter the main lord room and set up.

Defeat Ymir and Queen Cliodna with the aid of King Uther and his followers.
Once both are defeated, Manannan mac Lir will appear.
Defeat him to complete this part of the quest!
Manannan mac Lir AE casts and stuns, hitting very hard. Put tanks on him, casters on aggro, and healers well back from the AE.

Return to Captain Haley to complete the quest.

Continue speaking with Captain Haley to obtain the quest: [Spirits]: A Fitting End.
Captain Haley needs you to return to Camelot and report to King Constantine.
Speak with Channeler Del'ra to port to Catterick Hamlett.
Once there, speak with Vaughn's Apprentice to port to Camelot.
In Camelot, port into the throne room and speak with King Constantine to complete the quest, and obtain your helm reward.


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