1.124C Live Patch Notes


  • Check out the new solo-oriented objective in Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle areas!
  • Chapter 9 of the Dragon Curse Campaign is here with a new instance loot-reward system!
  • New item stat caps to Hit Points and Mythical Resists!
  • Buggane’s Obelisk is no longer as easy to camp!
  • Client and server stability has been improved!



  • The [Returning Player] King’s Treasury quest will no longer automatically teleport players the throne room. Instead, the returning player quest window is popped up on login if the character qualifies.


  • The Hits Cap stat has had its value increased from 200 to 400.
    • This means characters with 400 Hits Cap can now get a total of 600 hits from items instead of 400.
  • The Mythical Resist Cap and Mythical Resist and Resist Cap stats are now capped at +15.
    • This means characters with a fully capped out Mythical Resist (15) can get up to 41% resist from items.
    • While some existing item combinations will allow characters to get to 41% resists from items on 1-3 resist types, it is not intended to ever let characters get a majority of their resist types to 41% without a considerable sacrifice elsewhere in their item stats.
  • These stat cap changes, especially the hits cap one, are intended to make it more difficult for characters to achieve “perfect” item templates. Instead, characters will need to make some sacrifices to their other item stats in order to achieve these new caps and will better enable gear-progression to continue.

Currency Exchange

  • A 20% mark-up on the cost of converting one currency into another one has been added to the currency exchange NPC’s stores.
    • For example, instead of 20,000 atlantean glass converting into 20 blood seals, it now costs 24,000 atlantean glass for 20 blood seals; and so forth.
  • Each page on the Currency Exchange store now displays which currency that page exchanges.
    • Each item on each page now has an updated item delve that denotes the currency type it is purchased with. This delve will stick around after purchase to help players better organize their packs.

Ruined Areas

  • A new solo-oriented objective has been added to the ruined areas!
    • The purpose of this objective is to alleviate some of the frustrations ungrouped players have with obtaining the Buggane Obelisk’s buff, to encourage movement to/from/within the ruined areas that were added in Patch 1.123, and to make those areas into a more reliable hot-spot for action; while also adding in several features that make these areas more attractive to ungrouped over grouped players without making them into exclusively solo-areas either.
    • Obelisks have been added in each of the newly ruined areas that will buff ungrouped players with a similar, but more restrictive version of the Buggane Obelisk buff and will also allow the unlocking of teleports to/from each of the ruined areas by ungrouped players.
  • The Folley Lake Obelisk has been added in the Folley Lake keep in Hadrian’s Wall
    • Right-clicking this obelisk will unlock Folley Lake as a valid teleport destination, so long as the character is ungrouped, for the next 6 hours.
    • This location can only be teleported to when at The Trellebourg or Moydruim Castle obelisks.
  • The Trellebourg Obelisk has been added in The Trellebourg fortress in Odin’s Gate
    • Right-clicking this obelisk will unlock The Trellebourg as a valid teleport destination, so long as the character is ungrouped, for the next 6 hours.
    • This location can only be teleported to when at the Folley Lake or Moydruim Castle obelisks.
  • The Moydruim Castle Obelisk has been added in Moydruim Castle in Emain Macha
    • Right-clicking this obelisk will unlock Moydruim Castle as a valid teleport destination, so long as the character is ungrouped, for the next 6 hours.
    • This location can only be teleported to when at the Folley Lake or The Trellebourg obelisks.
  • Players receive a buff that denotes which obelisks they have unlocked and have teleport to.
    • This buff lasts 6 hours and cannot be removed.
    • When 6 hours are up, players must unlock the obelisks again.
    • Each additional obelisk unlocked does refresh this timer, but once all 3 are unlocked the duration cannot be refreshed.
  • Players are encouraged to venture to each of the ruined areas and unlock all 3 obelisks so that they can teleport to each area.
  • Teleporting via the obelisks has the following restrictions:
    • Must be ungrouped.
    • Must have an active Lone Wolf buff up (see below).
    • Must have at least one other area’s obelisk unlocked.
    • Puts the player into 15 seconds of PvP-immunity where they cannot be attacked or cast heals/buffs on realm-mates.
    • Teleports the player to 1 of 5 random locations at their destination in the other ruined area.
    • Cannot teleport if carrying a relic.
    • Character must be at a different obelisk than where they are trying to teleport to.
  • These obelisks can also be right-clicked by ungrouped players to receive a Token of the Lone Wolf item.
    • The Token of the Lone Wolf grants a realm-rank appropriate bonus to Realm Points, Bounty Points, and Coin when /used:
      • Realm Rank 1L1 – 3L9: 75%
      • Realm Rank 4L0 – 5L9: 50%
      • Realm Rank 6L0 – 7L9: 25%
      • Realm Rank 8L0+: 15%
    • It has 5 charges and each charge lasts through death.
    • The Lone Wolf buff overwrites the Buggane Obelisk’s buff and *will* drop upon grouping, death, logout, or zoning.
      • While we would rather have this buff last through logout or zoning just like the existing Buggane’s buff does, it is not currently possible to do so AND ensure that the character remains ungrouped. Because of this extra restriction, the Token of the Lone Wolf has 5 charges.
      • If a character joins a group after using this item, the Lone Wolf buff will eventually drop, however, if they subsequently leave their group the buff will remain if it hasn’t already attempted to refresh in the interval.
    • Characters can only ever hold one Token of the Lone Wolf item at a time.
      • Any of the 3 obelisks will grant ungrouped players with another token should they destroy one or level out of its intended realm rank range.
    • The Obelisks will only grant the character a Token of the Lone Wolf under the following conditions:
      • Character is ungrouped.
      • Character does not already have a Token of the Lone Wolf in their pack, /bank, or saddlebags.
      • Character has at least 1 empty pack slot.
    • The Token of the Lone Wolf item can only be /used under the following conditions:
      • Character is ungrouped.
      • Character has at least 1 obelisk location unlocked.
      • Character meets the realm rank range of the given token (see token’s delve).
    • The Token of the Lone Wolf can be destroyed but cannot be dropped, traded, or sold.
  • Cup, Hammer, and Tree notifications have been added to the /realmwar map on top of Folley Lake, The Trellebourg, and Moydruim Castle locations.
  • Prescience nodes that only target grouped stealth classes are setup in this area, with 2000 detection range.

Buggane’s Obelisk

  • Permanent, un-killable, 1500 range Prescience Nodes now spawn at each Buggane Obelisk’s location.
    • This change is aimed at making it riskier for stealthers to permanently camp the obelisk’s current location.
    • Please note that the nature of these prescience nodes means that the stealth detection is not perfect and only updates once every 3 seconds.

Daily RvR Quests

  • The [Daily Quest] The Solo Road has had its objectives changed as follows (must complete all of the following):
    • 2 solo kills within any of the Ruined or Maze areas
      • Any solo kills within any of the Folley Lake, Brough Ruins, Trellebourg, Hvedrungr Hill, Moydruim Castle, and Nuala Ruins regions will count towards this step.
    • 3 solo kills elsewhere in the Frontiers.
  • These changes should help encourage further movement around the frontier and are intended to make this quest a bit more difficult to complete than it currently is.

A Dragon’s Curse Campaign


Chapter 9


                You must hurry! Quickly, come to Childe’s Vault! Selan is in trouble! She has chased after Decimus and Maximillian into the deeper reaches of the crypt! We have learned that the Tenebrous Undead are controlled and connected by a hive-minded monstrosity. If Selan finds this monster along with Decimus, I fear the worst! You must go to her aid!

--Guy, Selan’s Regiment


                Garmr is still deep within the Sanctum, venturing within for the power of Drakulv Kings. With all five stones in our possession, we must deliver these relics to him so that he can use their power and infuse the Drakulv weapon! With that power we just may stand a chance against the Dark Dragon. Meet me in the Drakulv Sanctum and I will show you the way to Garmr – and make haste!

--Sigrun of the Shield of Valhalla


                The time has come, heroes. We have waited on Salle long enough - and with no sign of her success or failure. The Marrach will wait no longer. Prince Varshe has rallied his troops and he seeks the Dark One’s power. We must not let the Marrach Prince again such strength! Come to the Inner Veil. It is here where we will end this cursed campaign and free the Dark Elven people!

--Prince Reynarch of the Abagath

A Dragon’s Curse (Chapter 9)


The campaign continues! Venture into the heart of the Dark Dragon’s lair!

  • The instances Childe’s Vault, Drakulv Sanctum, and the Inner Veil are now dungeons open to a full group of players to explore and conquer!

To Start Chapter 9:

  • Speak with Guy in Childe’s Vault
  • Speak with Sigrun or Theso in Drakulv Sanctum
  • Speak with Prince Reynarch in the Inner Veil

Campaign Updates and Fixes

  • There is now an NPC in Childe’s Vault, Drakulv Sanctum, and the Inner Veil that will grant players their stones of power from the previous campaign quests should they have lost their stone.
    • Requires the corresponding quest to be complete before a stone will be granted.
    • Chapter 10 will require all 5 stones.
  • Several monsters in Childe’s Tomb, Drakulvhamn, and The Rift have had their aggression radius increased.
  • The Soul Stone’s power buff received from Childe, Sabna, and Salle is now applied in a radius.
  • Putrid, the Wolfmother, and the Veil Strider should correctly drop loot in addition to aurulite and Draginium Ore.
  • (Midgard) Monsters in the Dream’s Trollheim zone of Chapter 6 of the Dragon Curse Campaign have had their aggression radius reduced.

Instance Loot-reward Changes

  • Starting with Chapter 9’s instance, the way loot is awarded and daily lockouts are applied in instance encounters will be updated as follows:
    • Defeating a boss inside the instance will drop a chest that ALL characters in the instance can right-click to interact with.
    • Interacting with a given chest triggers the daily lockout *for that chest*.
    • The chest will grant that character’s class a roll on the boss’ loot table.
      • These loot tables will be weighted heavily to drop an item intended for the class that interacts with the chest.
        • This is to encourage the use of multiple group setups and to avoid scenarios where certain classes are excluded from groups.
      • It is NOT a guarantee that an item will drop on each chest interaction.
    • Characters can then do the instance as many times as they desire, but can only interact with the given boss' loot chest once per day.
    • If an instance drops multiple loot chests (like Chapter 9 does), each chest has its own daily lockout timer.
    • As other instance encounters are updated with this new system, they will be noted. For now, only Chapter 9’s instance functions this way.
  • Chapter 9 also introduces a new item reward type: gear sets.
    • By doing Chapter 9, characters will have a chance to earn Chest, Arms, and Boots/Leggings armor pieces that when all 3 are equipped will improve a single ability of that class (as noted by the armor).
    • The armors, when equipped, will automatically improve the class’ ability without the need to /use or manually toggle anything. If only 1 or 2 out of the 3 armors are equipped, the abilities will function as normal.
    • These armors will have less stats than most top-of-the-line pieces available in the current game to offset the ability improvement.
    • The improved abilities will, with few exceptions, be on baseline or class-defining spec-line (like Dual Wield, Savagery, Valor, Instruments, etc.) abilities only.
    • Some examples of improved abilities:
      • An extra 150 radius to a normally single-target ability.
      • Increasing the radius of an AoE ability.
      • Adding an extra damage type to a single resist-debuff.
      • Adding an extra stat debuff type to an existing stat debuff.
      • Changing from single-target to group target.
      • Increasing the ability’s duration.

Class Changes


  • Blacksmith Band’s /use, Forge-skinned, heat resistance buff has been reduced from an effective max amount of +41% down to +29%. The delve has been updated to reflect that it’s a +29% buff now instead of displaying as +75% (which could never be reached). Its duration has been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Dark Dragon Locket /use, Dark Dragon’s Gift, increased from 5 seconds to 9 seconds.
    • Its delve now shows the full information of the ability.
  • Nevermore’s Bone
    • Proc chance reduced from 25% to 10%.
    • Proc duration increased from 8 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Ice Shard
    • Proc chance increased from 8% to 10%.
    • Proc duration increased from 3 seconds to 11 seconds.
  • Silent Night (Albion Only)
    • The Winter’s Blessing AoE resurrection /use has been replaced with a 5 minute duration, self-only, -75% incoming style damage reduction /use.
  • The Cursed Effusion of Comprehension has been reduced from +40 to +25 acuity stat and is now a self-only buff.


  • Melee resistance buffs from spells, items, and abilities now only co-exist with each other and do not stack. The highest value buff takes precedence.

Champion Level Abilities

  • The Champion Level Fallen’s Reprieve resurrection ability can no longer be used by classes that can stealth (Hunter, Infiltrator, Minstrel, Nightshade, Ranger, Scout, Shadowblade).
  • Cloak of the Loyal Armsman’s /use2, True Strike, has been adjusted from a self-only buff to a self-only pulse. Its pulse frequency is set to once every 10s, with a 10s duration each pulse. The overall duration is still 10 minutes.
  • Fossil Seers have two new spells added to their abilities
    • This is to lower the chance that disease is cast. Now each spell has a 33% chance to cast, instead of a 100% disease chance.
      • Bonebreaker Bedazzle – Target has a 5% chance to miscast spells.
      • Bonebreaker Disease – Cast time increased from 2 seconds to 2.3 seconds.
      • Bonebreaker Deceleration – Decreases target melee combat speed by 20%.
    • Cloak of the Loyal Bonedancer’s /use1, Restore Army, has had its range reduced from 2000 to 1500.
    • Pet Fears and scares should more reliably apply against BD pets.
  • Enchantment of Ice proc duration increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Gift of Tegashirg no longer requires Mauler Staff specialization or a Mauler Staff to be equipped.
  • The Gift of Albion/Midgard/Hibernia spells have had their cast time increased from 2.0 seconds to 2.6 seconds.
  • Cloak of the Loyal Minstrel’s Loyal Companion now summons a companion at the Minstrel’s location that can be charmed by the Minstrel. This monster has a duration of 5 minutes.
    • This pet can also be charmed by other charm classes from any realm.
  • Nethersbane’s 5% Cold Resistance stat has changed to 5% Mythical Cold Resist and Resist Cap Increase.
  • Cloak of the Loyal Savage /use2, Feline Senses, duration reduced to 5 minutes.
  • Cloak of the Loyal Valkyrie’s /use2, True Strike Aura, range reduced from 1500 to 1000. Its pulse frequency and duration has been reduced from once every 5s, with a 6s duration to once every 10s, with a 10s duration each pulse. The overall duration is still 10 minutes.

Client Improvements

  • The Casual Group Finder window no longer pops up on screen after zoning or logging-in.
    • The CGF window can still be seen by typing /cgf.
    • This system will be entirely replaced in the future with a more user-friendly grouping system.
  • Certain structures should no longer disappear when diving underwater and resurfacing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing some game clients to crash in capital cities and dungeons.
  • Fixed several User Interface-based crashes.
    • This should alleviate many of the crashes seen when delving items or checking tooltips on spells.
  • Players can once again add copper, silver, gold, and platinum currency to trades that have already been initiated.
  • Made several server-stability improvements.