1.119a Pendragon Notes


  • Conquer the brand new RvR objective on Ellan Vannin!
  • Check out the improvements made to Ellan Vannin based on your feedback!
  • Earn more realm points from Doppelgangers and the Supplies quest!
  • Defeat the reduced-difficulty Otherworldly Campaign encounters!

Ellan Vannin

Buggane's Obelisk 

  • A new RvR objective has been added above ground, directly over the underground keep’s location, called Buggane’s Obelisk.
    • This objective first appears as a pile of rubble, called “Obelisk Rubble” on top of the circular platform that rests on the central plateau of Ellan Vannin.
    • A realm that attacks, destroys, and clears away the rubble will erect a newly repaired Buggane’s Obelisk for their realm.
      • ​The controlling realm’s members can interact with this obelisk to receive the new buff: Buggane’s Folly.
        • Buggane’s Folly grants players a 15% bonus to Realm Point, Coin, and Bounty Point gain for its duration.
        • ​This buff stacks with item RP, Coin, and BP bonuses but does not stack with other spell bonuses such as Orseo’s buff (Minotaur relic).
        • Buggane’s Folly lasts for 30 minutes and persists through death or relog.
        • Buggane’s Folly casts a very powerful curse on any player that ventures into Knoc Meayll’s region with the buff active.
        • Players will have to shift+right-click to remove the effect if they decide to venture into the underground keep’s region.
      • ​Players can interact with the obelisk as many times as they want, as long as their realm controls it, in order to refresh their Buggane’s Folly buff.
      • When a realm erects a new Buggane’s Obelisk, 4 large realm banners will appear on top of the staircases in the center of the plateau.
        • ​These banners can be seen clearly from players in the valley and hills surrounding the plateau.
        • System messages will also be sent out at the time of the obelisks capture or destruction.
        • There are no plans to have this objective added to the /realmwar map.
    • ​Enemy realms can, at any time, destroy the existing Buggane’s Obelisk and turn it back into Obelisk Rubble.
      • ​Realms then must clear away the rubble again to spawn their own obelisk.
    • ​The Obelisk Rubble is much more difficult to destroy than an existing Buggane’s Obelisk.
      • ​Players can use siege weapons on the Obelisk Rubble, but not within 750 in-game units of it.
      • Up to 3 siege weapons can be aimed at the rubble at once.
      • Any siege weapon created within 750 units is immediately destroyed.
      • Players cannot use siege weapons on Buggane’s Obelisk.
    • ​There are no guards or other defensive structures that protect this objective. It’s up to you!

General Changes

  • Additional charmable mobs have been added to Ellan Vannin as follows:
    • Behind each realm’s milegate:
      • ​Albion: Added grey- blue changelings and yellow-orange templars.
      • Midgard: Added grey- blue wolfspiders and yellow-orange icestriders.
      • Hibernia: Added grey- blue torcans and yellow-orange grannies.
    • ​Near the Doppelganger Lords’ 'cubby-holes' in each outskirt area:
      • ​Added yellow-red padfoots.
    • ​All of the newly added charmable mobs are neutral to players.
  • The Orb of Entropy and Pound of Flesh now have a chance to drop off Uther, Ymir, Cliodna, and Manannan mac Lir in Knoc Meayll.
    • This includes realm versions of Uther, Ymir, and Cliodna.
  • The outskirt areas have been made slightly flatter and had some additional trees and obstructions removed.
  •  Siege weapons can no longer be created near the one-way portal areas behind each realm’s milegate on Ellan Vannin.

Bug Fixes

  • Siege weapons can now be deployed and moved within and above the underground keep.
    • Additional improvements to their movement are not in this version but are on the way!
  • Several fixes to boundary walls and fixtures have been made where it was sometimes possible to get stuck. In general, the boundary walls are slightly less restrictive.
  • Several fixes to collision have been made to the underground keep, cavern, central plateau and other fixtures throughout the zone.
  • Monster pathing around the underground keep entrances, its cavern, and on the plateau has been considerably improved.
  • Teleport locations in each of the ruined towers, Knoc Meayll, and the one-way port in areas have been corrected.
  • Players should now be able to more reliably climb the ladder at the docks on Ellan Vannin.
  • Day to Night and Night to Day transitions in and out of the underground keep tunnel entrances have been vastly improved.
  • Several quests and other in-game text has been corrected to reference Ellan Vannin now instead of Agramon.
  • Camera collision in and around the underground keep has been improved. This means you should no longer be able to pan and see  through the plateau’s or underground keep’s art in certain areas.


General RvR Changes

  • The Supplies for the Cause quest has been changed as follows:
    • This quest now grants 400 realm points for completion instead of 200. Its experience reward has been increased as well.
    • This quest can now be obtained by simply interacting with the repair supplies or rubble found around the frontier.
    • This quest is no longer offered or completed at the Portal Keep in each realm.
    • This quest now must be completed at the dockmasters on Ellan Vannin – as long as your realm owns the dock.
      • ​Repair supplies have been added to each capturable dock area on Ellan Vannin.
      • Rubble has been added to each ruined town in the outskirt areas of Ellan Vannin.
      • Repair supplies remain at each realm’s ruined keep and rubble remains at each realm’s maze area.
  • Additional Doppelgangers have been added to Ellan Vannin’s central plateau area. Previously they were only spawning at the docks and ruins.
  • Doppelgangers now reward solo players with 400 realm points instead of 200. This value is reduced for each additional group member.
  • A new quest is now available to level 40+ players at each realm’s portal keep:
    • ​Albion: A Grim Task – Kill 100 Forest Grims near Caer Boldiam Spire
    • Midgard: Tracking Snow – Kill 100 Isalf Snowtrackers near Glenlock Faste Outpost
    • Hibernia: A Finlaith Request – Kill 100 Finlaiths near Dun Bolg Outpost
    • This quests rewards players with significant amounts of experience and some coin.
    • The spawn rates across these 3 mob camps have been normalized and slightly increased.

Otherworlds Campaign

  • The difficulty of all of the following chapter encounters has been reduced as follows:
    • Prologue:  The number of enemies and boss’ attack damage have been reduced.
    • Chapter 1: The number of enemies spawning each wave has been reduced.
    • Chapter 3: The number of enemies at each camp has been reduced and the boss’ hitpoints and level have been lowered.
    • Chapter 5: The effect of the disease applied by the flying enemies has been reduced and should proc less often. The boss’ hitpoints and level have been lowered.
    • Chapter 6: The standard enemies’ spell damage and spawn rate have been reduced. The boss’ hitpoints and level have been lowered.
    • Chapter 7: The standard enemies’ spawn rate has been reduced slightly. The boss’ hitpoints and level have been lowered.
    • Chapter 9: The ethereal mists that appear have had their levels reduced and their disease spell should proc less often.
  • The zone names that appear when using the /who command in the Otherworlds have been modified as follows:
    • Camelot Hills is now Camelot Hills (OW)
    • Black Mountains South is now S Black Mountains (OW)
    • Lyonesse is now Lyonesse (OW)
    • Vale of Mularn is now Vale of Mularn (OW)
    • Gotar is now Gotar (OW)
    • Vanern Swamp is now Vanern Swamp (OW)
    • Lough Derg is now Lough Derg (OW)
    • Silvermine Mountains is now Silvermine Mountains (OW)
    • Bog of Cullen is now Bog of Cullen (OW)


  • Several fixtures in the Frontiers now allow players to summon and ride their mounts inside and under them:
    • The underground keep, it’s cavern, and the 3 towers on the plateau
    • All three realms’ maze areas
    • Holes in keep walls
    • Various aquaduct fixtures
    • Roman Villa ruins in Albion’s frontier
    • The docks on both Ellan Vannin and the rest of the Frontiers
    • Several other ruins throughout the frontiers zones.
  • The Mythic Splash screen’s volume when loading up the game has been lowered.
    • Please note that this change will only take effect if speaker settings for “Loudness Equalization” are disabled.
  • The Minotaur Relics “hunger” sound's volume has been significantly reduced.

Class Balance


  • Only the highest level of the Pulsing Bladeturn spells now appears in the Nurture abilities list. This change does not affect the single and group-targeted casted bladeturn.

Ability Changes

  • Decimation Trap has received the following changes:
    • It now only affects enemy realm players and ignores mobs.
    • Decimation Trap’s re-use timer has been reduced from 15 minutes to 5 minutes at all levels.
    • Its cast speed has been increased from 2s to 5s and its duration remains the same at 10 minutes.
  • Reveal Crystalseed is now uninterruptable and can be cast on the move. It still requires a ground target set to cast.
  • Unmake Crystalseed has received the following changes:
    • ​Its range has been increased from 1000 to 1500.
    • Its cast speed has been reduced from 10s to 5s and is still dexterity-modified.

General Bug Fixes

  • Relics should no longer reset into a null-state under certain conditions when the 2 hour reset timer has elapsed without it being captured.
  • (Pendragon-only) Keeps and towers can once again be claimed.
  • Trial accounts should no longer be disconnected from the game when running over certain parts of Ellan Vannin.
  • (Pendragon-only) Several new texture transitions have been improved and terrain poking up through the stones of Tir na Nog’s entrance has been corrected.