1.118b Pendragon Patch Notes


  • Draughts of Supremacy are now shearable!
  • New Frontiers pathing fixes are in!
  • Darkness Falls mob difficulty is now reduced!
  • The Casual Group Finder system should form groups much more quickly than before!


  • All stat buffs received from potions can now be sheared. This includes the Draught of Supremacy and Heroism potions.
  • Draughts of Supremacy and Heroism will now have a 30s reuse timer instead of 5s.
  • Several changes have been made to the pet pathing in all New Frontiers zones. The end result should be better pet pathing on the whole and specifically across bridges such as the Occasus' Bridge in Hadrian's Wall.


  • Non-boss and non-encounter mobs in the Darkness Falls dungeon have had their difficulty reduced.

Casual Group Finder

  • The Casual Group Finder system was built to form functional, yet casual full groups. However, after observing it in action, the time it took to find Crowd Control classes was making the system take much longer than anticipated. As such, we've changed the way RvR groups get formed which should drastically speed up the process of creating Casual groups. After listening to your feedback, we feel confident that this is the correct direction as we've made the hard part of initial group formation easier with these changes. Once groups are initially formed, the CGF will automatically fill the remaining slots as outlined below -or- if the group members wish to change to a normal group ruleset, they can add/remove players manually. So, if you've tried the CGF system on Live before without results, or if you haven't yet, give it a shot when 1.118 comes out!
    • The Casual Group Finder's RvR group-forming rules have been changed as follows:
Core group of 3 roles (CC, Healer, DPS)
4th group slot: Utility
5th group slot: DPS
6th group slot: Healer
7th group slot: DPS
8th group slot: Utility first, then DPS
Core group of 3 roles (Utility, Healer, DPS)
4th group slot: Utility
5th group slot: DPS
6th group slot: Healer
7th group slot: DPS
8th group slot: CC first, then DPS
  • The rest of information about how the Casual Group Finder works can be found in the FAQ HERE.
  • The Casual Group Finder window will no longer appear on login to players under level 5.
  • The Casual Group Finder window will also no longer popup when relogging; instead only showing when logging into the game for the first time each session and when zoning into the New Frontiers zones.


  • Mythical item stat bonuses and their caps have been changed in the following way:
    • Mythical stat cap items previously introduced have allowed players to exceed the traditional item stat caps of 101. However, until now, these mythical stats caps were uncapped. With the coming Otherworlds campaign and more mythical stat cap availability, the overall stat cap from items is now set to 127 (or 75+52). 
    • This stat cap of 127 can be reached either solely with mythical item stat caps (75+52=127) or in combination with traditional stat caps which still have the same +26 limit.
      • Tradtional stat caps are still only able to go up to +26 stat cap at level 50.
      • Mythical stat caps are able to go up to +52 stat cap at level 50, but cannot exceed the new 127 stat cap threshold even if used in combination with traditional stat caps.
  • Along with the changes to Mythical item stat bonuses, bonus levels on most items (unless specifically set to 50) have had their values reduced by 1-2 levels. This means that some previously unused items will now be usable by lower levels. It also means that any pre-existing bonus level 51 ROG (Random Object Generated) items should now be bonus level 50 or lower.
  • (Gaheris Only) The /who command will return specific zone results for players in the frontier regions. For example, on Gaheris, players who /who a player in Pennine Mountains will return "Pennine Mountains" still instead of just "Frontiers" as they do on the Ywain server now.