Friday Grab Bag - 11/15/2019

Posted by Community | 2019 Nov 15 19:04 -0500 GMT
Welcome to the Grab Bag! This week's Grab Bag also contains a few Hot Fix changes to ML and Bountycrafting cost changes now live :)

Thanks to everyone for sending in your feedback!

As always, thanks also for sending in your questions, and remember to please keep sending them in for our devs! You can submit any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission formPlease note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the questions :)

Hi, with the launch of Endless Conquest it seems that population has gone up in-game a bit but I think it could go up even more with the lessening of some more restrictions and some changes to bounty point costs and gain. If players could get into RvR faster I think they’d be more willing to come back. Any chance we will see a lessening of the costs and maybe restrictions?

We’re monitoring feedback constantly and have been making several adjustments already to levelling rates as well as some other fixes. With this Grab Bag we’re also happy to announce the following Live Hot Fix notes.  As time goes on and we receive more feedback we’ll continue to make adjustments as needed!

Live Hot Fix Notes

  • The bounty point costs for Master Level tokens on Demyphon have been reduced as follows:
    • Master Level 1 Encounter Credit – 25,000 to 8000 BPs
    • Master Level 2 Encounter Credit – 25,000 to 8000 BPs
    • Master Level 3 Encounter Credit – 55,000 to 18000 BPs
    • Master Level 4 Encounter Credit – 45,000 to 15,000 BPs
    • Master Level 5 Encounter Credit – 30,000 to 10,000 BPs
    • Master Level 6 Encounter Credit – 50,000 to 17,000 BPs
    • Master Level 7 Encounter Credit – 35,000 to 12,000 BPs
    • Master Level 8 Encounter Credit – 50,000 to 17,000 BPs
    • Master Level 9 Encounter Credit – 60,000 to 20,000 BPs
    • Master Level 10 Encounter Credit – 75,000 to 25,000 BPs
    • Complete Master Level 1-10 Credit – 450,000 to 150,000 BPs
  • Bountycraft Recipe costs have been reduced as follows:
    • Recipe: Pictslayer – 250,000 to 50,000 BPs
    • Recipe: Darkness Falls – 250,000 to 75,000 BPs
    • Recipe: Seasonal – 350,000 to 100,000 BPs
    • Recipe: Aurulite – 350,000 to 100,000 BPs
    • Recipe: Otherworldly – 350,000 to 125,000 BPs
    • Recipe: Frozen – 400,000 to 150,000 BPs
    • Recipe: Curse – 400,000 to 175,000 BPs
  • Bountycraft Mold costs have been reduced as follows:
    • Bounty Accessory Mold – 10,000 to 5,000 BPs
    • Bounty Armor Mold – 12,500 to 6,250 BPs
    • Bounty Weapon Mold – 15,000 to 7,500 BPs
  • Bounty Point rewards on the RvR Daily quests have been increased from 15,000 to 25,000 bounty points and are still modified by zone bonuses.

The 1.126 live patch notes have also been updated with these changes for reference.

With the new Veteran Reward trophies being tradeable, does that mean the old ones we had are also tradeable or can they be made tradable?

Yes, the trophies given out for Veteran rewards are all tradable which retroactively affects any of those trophies that already existed!

I have a question about bard class. What does Charisma do for a bard? How does this stat help a bard? Does it affect spells?

Charisma is the Bard’s casting stat (as well as the Skald and Minstrel). It affects their damage done with their instant DDs as well as their power pool and healing effectiveness.

What type of weapon is Never-ending flame? This elemental vs slash-thrust confuses me. What does elemental mean on weapons?

Never-ending flame deals heat damage. Elemental simply means that the weapon is a non-physical (slash, crush, and thrust) damage type. This means that when you hit someone with the Never-ending flame, it deals heat damage to the target and the target uses their heat resistance to calculate how much damage should be done. This can be beneficial to use in some scenarios (like when the target is debuffed of their heat resistance) and  disadvantageous in others (like when the target has high heat resistance).

Additionally certain armors have bonuses and penalties against certain damage types. Our armor resist table has more information on those.

Does a weapon with a damage proc break a peel? If I use a backpeel, will the dmg proc be applied after the snare effect?

Yes, weapon-based procs always apply after the style’s effect. A damage proc from an item will break a style’s snare.

That's it for this week's GB - see you all in the frontiers! :)