Friday Grab Bag - 06/25/2021

Posted by Community | 2021 Jun 25 10:25 -0400 GMT

Just a quick note that the answer regarding AOM and resists in May 28th's Grab Bag has been updated for additional clarification.

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

On to the questions!

Can assassin poisons benefit from stat debuff effectiveness bonus from items?

Only the weaponskill and constitution poison benefits from the stat debuff effectiveness bonus as it is the only poison classified as a ‘stat’ debuff. Both the weaponskill and constitution portions of the poison benefit from the stat debuff effectiveness bonus!

No other assassin poisons benefit from the bonus. For those wondering, the strength reduction portion of the disease poison doesn’t benefit from the debuff effectiveness bonus since that is not an actual strength debuff but instead an inherent trait of all disease spells; and disease is not classified as a ‘stat’ debuff. The same goes for the melee damage effectiveness poison which reduces the targets overall melee damage but does so without directly reducing a melee-related “stat” on the target.

How come you can't dye some SI weapons such as Primal Sword of Fire but you can Easmarach's Stinger? In this situation they are both Galladoria weapons that are physical damage type and nature and there is no apparent reason why one should be dyeable and the other not. Any chance of getting this fixed?

This was likely an aesthetic design decision made based on the weapon’s “glow” effect in combination with the default tint of the blade. Looking through the item database there are a number of other blades that use the same sword icon with varying weapon glow effects and default tints that are also not dyable. We can certainly look at adding new ways to acquire this skin and weapon glow effect combination (and others!) with different tint options and/or potentially allowing it to be dyable!

Are there any plans to add more/new skins to the game, and a way to see or preview what a skin would look like first before getting the item (say from CM’s) and spending mith and not liking it and having to redo?

Yes will continue adding new skins to the game! We also will be adding a preview system in eventually, but that is not currently planned for this year.

I’ve seen a lot of mentions about item uses and pots not stacking but co-existing, what does this mean if pots co-exist? Like if I  use a battlefield pot for 25% RP and a buggane over rank8 for 15% I’m told they just co-exist so what do I actually get? If its that I only get the 25% from battlefields would I then not get the other buggane bonuses for bp/coin too?

Coexisting but not stacking in general simply means that the 2 (or more) effects will all remain activated on the character (and show in the buff icon area of the UI) but only 1 of the effects will actually affect the character. Contrast that with non-coexisting effects that overwrite lower level versions of themselves or other similar buffs/debuffs so that they are the only effect showing in the buff icon area of the UI.

In *most* cases of coexisting effects it’s straightforward and the highest value effect will be the one that affects the character.

However, the RP, XP, BP, and coin bonus effect used on the battlefield potion and buggane buff are an exception to this.

Here’s a previous Grab Bag answer that explains how these effects work:

Spell-based realm point, bounty point, experience, and/or coin bonus buffs will NOT stack with the same bonuses on another spell-based buff, but will stack with any different bonuses. Very importantly, in the case that 2 spell-based buffs that have the same bonus are applied only the bonus from the spell that was applied first will affect the character.

This means if a RR8+ character has the Buggane’s Folly buff granting 15% to RPs/BPs/Coin and then /uses the battlefield potion which grants 25% to RP gain, the character will still only have the +15% RP/BP/Coin bonus applied and the 25% RP bonus from battlefield potion will not affect them. If the character were to drop the Buggane’s Folly buff in this example, the battlefield potion’s 25% would then affect them.

However, if a RR2 character has the 25% RP buff from the battlefield potion applied first and then applies Buggane’s Folly +75% RP/BP/Coin buff, the character will now receive the 75% BPs and Coin bonus from Buggane’s Folly but will still only receive the 25% RPs bonus from the battlefield potion. The +75% RP bonus won’t be applied until the battlefield potion’s effect is removed.

“Spell-based” specifically refers to any bonus that is applied from a spell and that shows up in the buff icons at the top of the character’s screen; this includes buffs that are cast by items, monsters, or players. Realm point, Bounty Point, Experience, and Coin bonuses that come from other systems like guilds, item stats, dynamic population, outpost ownership, relic ownership, or from specific zones are separate and do stack with each other and with spell-based bonuses.

In my testing, I realized that the Enchanter curse set "Emberlight" does not affect any of the 30% resist debuffs, however it does affect all of the 50% resist debuffs (Mana spec) was this intended?

Yes, the Cabalist, Runemaster, and Enchanter sets all increase the duration of their 50% magic resist debuffs only, not the lower delve resist debuffs. We’ll make sure to update the item sets’ information delve to explicitly state that.

Thanks everyone :)

Enjoy the weekend!