Friday Grab Bag - 06/08/2018

Posted by Community | 2018 Jun 08 15:28 -0400 GMT
Time for another edition of our Grab Bag! :)

As always, thanks for all your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Read on for the questions!

Since new frontiers was released I am (once in a while) looking for a small demon mob named "Ash" (OTD: Black ash soul slayer). Unfortunately, I never found him in new frontiers on both Gaheris and Ywain. Is there a chance to get a small hint like where and when to look at? :)

Ash, the red little demon, has made his way to the Frontiers once again. He can be found around his old stomping grounds some ways south of Caer Berkstead.

How much does my enemy's weaponskill effect my block/parry rate?

“Weaponskill” doesn’t determine defense penetration by itself but is rather an index value that is built from a character’s specialization, stats, +skills, and a class’ inherent ability with a given weapon line – all of which do factor into things like damage, defense and defense penetration. While it’s easy to say a higher weaponskill character fighting a lower one will *generally* have an easier time landing attacks, this isn’t solely because of their weaponskill but is more precisely because of all of the stats and factors that make up that weaponskill value.

There is no a calculation that can be made that says “X weaponskill equals Y reduction to an enemy’s block/parry rate” because more than just weaponskill (again, specifically the factors that make it up) applies to landing or defending against attacks. There are also style and weapon to-hit bonuses/penalties as well as buffs/debuffs that can greatly alter these outcomes.

What can you tell us about how Battlemaster styles work? For example, how much of a benefit does one get from using BM styles with a weapon they’re untrained vs. one they’ve specced to 50? (It seems like very little). Do mechanics like double speccing in Alb 2hand still come into play? Is the weaponskill displayed when wielding a 1hander (non advanced spec line) and using BM styles accurate?

Battlemaster styles do not have a weapon skill associated with them directly and so co-opt the skill of whatever weapon is equipped when they are used. You’ll notice a general damage increase when using Battlemaster styles if you have a base and/or advanced weapon equipped that your character is specialized in vs one that your character is not.

Additionally, for advanced specializations like Albion’s Two Handed you will also notice a general increase in damage when using a weapon damage type that you are sub-specialized in versus one that you are not.

The weapon skill values displayed on the character attributes page should accurately reflect your character’s weapon skill when using Battlemaster styles since again, the BM styles co-opt the skill of whatever weapon type (and damage type for advanced specs) you have equipped.

I am referring to the new Cursed 10 reward, the cursed gloves, they are 5 and many people wonder how they work, more specifically:

Does the +25% healing eff. stacks with the toa one?
Does the +5% melee damage stacks with the savage buffs and the new Set Bonus for the assassins?
Is the 25% omniheal influenced by Healing Eff.?
Does the +33% mesm. dumpening stack with other chants with same effect?


  • The Blood Stone Gloves’ +healing effectiveness buff does stack with the +healing effectiveness stat bonus on items but does not stack with other +healing effectiveness buffs.
  • The Dragon Stone Gloves’ +melee damage does not stack with other +melee damage buffs. The highest value buff will overwrite any lower value ones.
  • Yes, healing effectiveness stats and buffs do increase the value healed when /using the Life Stone Gloves’ omni-heal.
  • No, the Dream Stone Gloves’ mesmerisation dampening does not stack with other mesmerisation dampening buffs. It does stack with the crowd control reduction item stat though.
  • The Soul Stone Gloves’ damage conversion, which works identically to Eirene’s Chestpiece’s proc, also does not stack with other damage conversion buffs but does stack with the ‘conversion’ stat found on items such as Crocodile’s Tear Ring.

Can we get more titles added? Been a while since new ones and a lot of us are past the current totals or stuck between low/high ones, a title in between current ranges such as the solo kills title perhaps?

New and different titles are something we’ve been eyeing for some time but we just haven’t been able to get around to yet, stay tuned! Adding new thresholds to existing titles is something we can take a look at in the nearer term.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend :)