Friday Grab Bag - 05/25/2018

Posted by Community | 2018 May 25 07:56 -0400 GMT
Happy Friday! Hope everyone's enjoyiing the bonuses now live :)

Make sure to read and review the Account Center Updates published earllier today to familiarize yourself with the changes coming soon.

Also a note to not miss that this week's Saturday dev stream with yours truly! I'll have giveaways galore including Mithril and game timecodes. Stream will go live approx 10:15PM GMT/5:15PM EST, follow our official Twitch channel to get notified when live, and come join the chat :)

As always, thanks for all your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

Onward to the questions!

On legendaries, there’s a rumor that a 99quality would proc less and deal less damage than a 100% quality one. Is this accurate?

Proc rate is not affected by item quality. However, it is accurate to say that the damage of a weapon would be slightly less from a 99% quality weapon vs a 100% quality one. The difference in damage is extremely small though.

Additionally, for player-crafted armor and weapons, the amount of available charges changes based on the items’ quality:
100% quality = 10 charges
99% quality = 7 charges
98% quality = 6 charges
97% quality = 5 charges
96% quality = 4 charges

I just recently returned to the game after being gone for 10 years and salvaged a breast plate, got 15 arcanite bars,,, delving it, it said it was made of 2 arcanium bars, I then checked my metal working and other trade skills and the highest it comes up with is arcanium.. not even a recipe to make arcanite,, so my question is.... how do you break arcanite back down into arcanium? or are there crafting recipies I need to get some where to be able to use the stuff??

Arcanite is the Hibernian version of Arcanium. If you received Arcanite from an Albion or Midgard item, please submit a bug report with the item name and it will have its material type corrected. Arcanite is not a usable material in Albion or Midgard crafts just as Arcanium is not a usable material in Hibernia crafts.

What is cap on spell piercing, did it change, and does chants aura or other abilities take it over the cap, if im 10 & spell pierce and have aura of 5% am I 15%? What is range bonus, if I have 10 in template and aura with 5% am I 15%?

The cap for spell piercing is 10%. Chants, auras, or any spell-piercing buff will not take spell piercing above the 10% cap. However, +range auras DO take spell range bonuses beyond the 10% item-based cap.

Assuming you're not already swinging at capped speed - Does celerity decrease damage per swing to keep dps constant but with faster swings, like haste does? Or does celerity increase dps (again, assuming you're not hitting at 1.5spd to begin with)?

To clarify: DPS increases with both haste and celerity buffs. Damage per melee swing does go down with both haste and celerity buffs but damage per hit is not the same as damage per second (DPS).

The reason DPS increases with both haste and/or celerity buffs is because the reduction in damage per hit when those are active is less than that of their increase in swing speed.

Champions… the debuff they have which gives a flat magic increase resistance 10% - Does it stack with AoM? say champs debuff gives the champion 10%, if i had AoM 5 would that stack and just be a flat 20% AoM ? Or would the mechanic work differently

They stack. This can be seen on the character attribute’s page by hovering your mouse cursor over a magic resistance’s value when the buff is active. The second number in the tooltip’s line “+26% / 20% Body Total” is the secondary resist value. The first number is from your items + “first-tier” resist buffs.

With Avoidance of Magic 9, a character will have 20% resists in the second-tier and the Champion’s buff also provides 10% to the second-tier resists so with the buff active and AoM9, you should see a value of 30% in the second-tier.

That's it for this week!

See you ingame :)