Friday Grab Bag - 03/19/2021

Posted by Community | 2021 Mar 19 14:04 -0400 GMT
Sun is starting to show itself in some parts so hoping a lovely Spring/Summer is on the horizon :) We're all still recovering from such a hugely successful and massively fun event in Caledonia!

Our new RvR changes to Ellan Vannin have brought some interesting dynamics to Ellan Vannin already! Keep that feedback coming in and let us know your thoughts through our feedback form, official forums, or official Discord :)

Thanks, as always, to everyone for your questions! You can submit any questions relating to current development plans, to request clarification on basic game mechanic questions, or questions on community issues through the Grab Bag Submission form. For any other feedback or suggestions please use our feedback form.

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Why do Maulers have a base melee critical hit chance and not a base magic critical hit chance? And why don’t Maulers benefit from endurance regen on omni-regen buffs and siphon endurance from omni-drains?

Maulers are primarily a melee-hybrid class and so only receive the base 10% chance to critical hit with melee styles without needing to specialize in the Mastery of Pain realm ability (though they still can to further increase their melee critical hit chance). They can critical hit with magic by specializing in the Wild Power realm ability though.

After some testing to be extra certain, Maulers do benefit from omni-regen endurance spells and do siphon endurance from omni-drain procs.

Is there any way to influence the portal pads in Treibh Caillte? I seemed to port more consistently to the same place in the dungeon when an Befuddled Rocky Golem was up. Is there any truth to this, or was I just lucky on the rolls?

Each portal location in the dungeon typically has a single portal destination it can send you to when a normal golem spawns. These locations generally teleport players back and forth between 2 areas of the dungeon. Typically, only 1 rocky golem can spawn between 4 nearby portal locations at a given time.

However, a few portal locations have a chance to sometimes spawn a befuddled rocky golem instead of normal golems. Befuddled rocky golems, regardless of which portal location they spawn in will always send players to the same location in the dungeon. When a befuddled rocky golem is already spawned, it has no effect on where other portal locations will send you though.

What is the true health% value of Convoker ML7  Dissonance Traps?

Traps are set to remove 40% of the target’s base health. This means their health value without buffs or +hits from items. Also, because the traps are a ML ability there is no +specialization bonus in regards to damage variance. This is why the damage values can fluctuate on the same target by as much as 10% of the target’s base health. Typically the damage from a storm will be around 20% of a fully buffed and equipped target’s total health.

Question about defense penetration, are defenses cut by just having an offhand out? or do I have to spec into the offhand spec to have increased shield/parry penetration/

They are cut in half by simply using dual-wielded weapons. Increasing offhand specialization does still help your defense penetration though!

My question is what stats control damage taken from archery  shots? Base af seems to not affect it, neither on a leather wearer nor on a caster, but spec af does? Also in my testing I found that abs buffs affect (friar 15% did) but a lvl 39 caster (5%abs) did not affect?

Both armor factor (AF) and absorption (ABS) should affect archery damage in a similar way to how melee damage is affected by both AF and ABS buffs.  Melee and magic resists also further affect damage of their respective archery shot types.

In our testing between 2 level 50 characters, both base and ‘spec’ AF on a cloth wearer as well as their +%ABS buffs did noticeably reduce archery shot damage when using both physical and magic shots. On non-cloth wearers, base AF buffs will do less to mitigate archery shots because high quality leather armor and up will already nearly cap base AF values.

It could be that if your tests were between a level 50 archer hitting a lower level character that the archer was capping out their damage regardless due to the level disparity. This could account for why no difference was seen in those tests!

Regardless, the higher the total armor factor and absorption values on a character, the less damage they will take from all archery shots!

Many thanks, and enjoy the weekend! :)