Friday Grab Bag - 02/02/2018

Posted by Community | 2018 Feb 02 17:28 -0500 GMT

Welcome to the first Grab Bag of 2018, and what an exciting year ahead we have planned!

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Thanks to everyone for your questions! If you have any game related questions for our DAoC Devs, please send them in through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game questions, feedback should be sent in through our feedback form.

On to the questions! :)

Does mastery of focus affect the chance of proc styles to land? If so how is it calculated?

Yes. Mastery of Focus effectively raises the level of the spell by its listed amount for all spells cast (including style procs). Style procs have their resistances calculated based on the level of the style, so a level 39 style has a level 39 spell’s resist rate vs level X targets. The Mastery of Focus realm ability can raise that style’s spell level, depending on the amount of MoF trained, up to a maximum of a level 50 spell.

All spells have a base chance of 10% to be resisted, so a level 50 style proc will still get resisted at around that 10% rate, on average. However, a level 12 style proc with no Mastery of Focus will see around a 30-35% resist rate vs a level 50 target and a level 34 style proc without MoF would have a 15-20% resist rate, on average.

Hi, is there a reason why, in the Enchanter's enchantment line, the spells Enchantment of Ice, Stone, Fire and Mana cancels my Maddening Scalars wolf shape-shift, while Enchantment of Truth and Zeal do not? Is this by design or a bug? If it is by design, what is the purpose?


The Enchantment of Ice, Stone, Fire, and Mana are offensive proc buffs while the Enchantment of Truth and Zeal are not. Since Maddening Scalars’ shapeshift is connected to an offensive proc as well, it gets overwritten by the more powerful enchantment procs. This same behaviour can be found with the Champion’s Call of the Champion buff or any other group-targeted class-based offensive proc.

One potential solution to this is looking at Maddening Scalars itself (as well as other item-based proc/shapeshift combos like Atlantis Tablet where the proc is rather weak/negligible). The offensive proc (a small Damage-over-time) involved with this shapeshift is fairly outdated now and not really the main reason for using the item – the shapeshift. So we could simply remove the proc aspect from Maddening Scalars and alleviate this issue without too much negative impact or overall change to class abilities.

Why are the procs on the warrior blood seal two-handed weapons damage to power rather than damage to health or damage to endurance?

The short answer is that technically, there are no damage-to-health or damage-to-endurance functions. The longer answer is that even though it’s damage-to-power, the main function of the proc is to reduce damage taken by the warrior and their group as well as restore power to their group.

It’s been awhile since you opened up races for some classes to use like luri bm, are you planning to open more races and when if yes.

Yes, we are planning to open up a few more pairings when the new race respec feature is in. The recent server and client stability issues have pushed back that feature a bit, but it’s still on track for the first half of this year.

We’ve noticed that the drop rate on Frozen Weapons appears lower than last year’s Frozen Caverns event. What gives?

This is correct and a mistake on our part. The reward chance was set so that on average 1 weapon dropped per group, per run through the Challenge mode. That is unintentionally lower than last year and so we’ve upped the chance so that on average 3-4 weapons will drop per group, per run. We’ve lowered the overall chance to get a potion to help compensate the other item drop chances as well. This is live as of this posting. Happy hunting!

Here's to the year ahead :)

See you in the frontiers!