Dark Destiny

Posted by Development | 2017 Mar 08 07:59 -0500 GMT

The Veil. It is endless. It is the end of all things. An orange expanse of nothing, yet…everything. We are all the Veil. We start as the Veil, and we will end as the Veil. I have learned as much by now...

Those who can harness it are deemed gods. But there are no gods here. No, just…. life. Life like you and I back home. Kings, queens, magi, slaves, beasts, and dragons. They are all here. Yes – dragons. And so it seems, after all, that we do indeed share something with those mighty terrors. We are not bound to reality. We are all the Veil. Alas, I am getting ahead of myself. Allow me to start at the beginning.

Years ago, I was among the many cadets, vagrants, and now heroes looking to make a name for myself during the Dragon Campaign. Cuuldurach, who we came to know as the Glimmer King, had been a menace to Hibernia for decades, and it was time to stop his reign of fear. Some of you men and women may recall the hardships the Glimmer King bestowed upon us. Sheeroe Hills was twisted from lush, green forests to the dark, raging skies of today. The Dark Elves, the Veil, Darkspire - not a thought then. Not even an existence. Now look at what it has all become.

Yes, we struck down Cuuldurach. Hibernia rejoiced, and deservingly so. The reclamation of Sheeroe Hills did not come without its toll. Many of us were lost during that campaign. But it was not over. The Glimmer, those mystical creatures, still lingered among the hills. How could we exterminate them all? The dragon eggs – was the spawn of the Glimmer King himself out there? It is here, at this point, where a new chapter begins – not the epilogue we had once assumed. If only we had known it then, we could have prevented what is coming. There is no stopping it now.

They are a curse. Beings so powerful, yet so evil. If their hearts were pure, what instead would our realm be? They plant their evil seed in the darkest depths of the hearts of men. The seed grows, and before long, that evil blooms. And it spreads, like the glimmer plague did once before.

Those seeds? The dragon eggs. Imagine – an egg of the Glimmer King at your feet. A source of endless power. What choice do you make? Do you take your hammer and end its evil? Do you take it back to the Veil from whence it came? Surely that answer is simple now after what I have seen.

Or is it? With power like that, is good possible? Or is an inevitable evil tied to these beasts?