Ywain Server Downtime - Housing Update

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Jan 13 10:13 -0500 GMT
Update 5:45 PM EST / 10:45 PM GMT: Ywain is once again open to players. Please be sure to read the notes below!

Ywain will be coming down today at 11:45 AM EST / 4:45 PM GMT to implement our fix for the housing data issues that cropped up after server maintenance last week.

We thank you for your patience during this downtime as we'll be doing some extra testing before opening the server to players. We expect the servers up no later than 9:00 PM EST / 2:00 AM GMT.

Please read the following notes very carefully as they will outline what to expect and how things should look in housing when the server returns today.


  • Ywain housing data should be reverted to the state it was in just prior to the server downtime last Tuesday (1/5/16).
    • Housing data specifically includes ownership of lots, house type, decorations, total CM money, permissions, etc. 
    • Any changes made to a house while the regions were enabled on 1/5/16 (new purchase, decorations, transfers of ownership) will be rolled back and will be as though they never happened.
    • Please note that housing data does not include Consignment Merchant and House Vault inventories; which are a separate matter (see below).
  • Items sold from Consignment Merchants after last week's downtime will be restored to those CMs prior to the server being re-opened today. We decided to do this since the CM money will be reverted with the rest of the house data and since in some cases prices on CM items were incorrect when the housing regions were up on 1/5/16.
    • In other words, players that had items sold from their CMs will not be receiving the monies from those sales but will instead get the sold items restored.
  • Be sure to check your CM and house vaults as soon as possible. While we've made every effort to check the data for missing items, we couldn't check every item moved to CM and housing vaults during the time the housing regions were up on 1/5/16. However, the number of these items we couldn't check is extremely small and their restoration will be handled on a case by case basis by in-game support.
    • House vaults and Consignment Merchants may need to be picked up into your character's inventory and placed back down in the house to display their inventories correctly.
    • Any players noticing items missing from their House Vaults should first refresh their vaults as described above. Then, contact any friends and guildmates who may have had access to the vaults to see if the item was removed by them. If not, and you cannot locate the item(s) in the rest of your inventory, please file an in-game appeal with the following syntax:
      • <character name-server> placed items into the house vaults on lot <lot#-server> and they are now missing. The items were <item names/quantity>.
  • ALL items on ALL Consignment Merchants will have their prices set to 0 (not for sale) when the servers return. Please visit your house to re-price your items for sale.
    • Additionally, the Market Explorer has been cleared. If you had your items listed before, please visit your house and use the /listmerchant command to re-list your items.
    • We've done this to protect against any residual incorrect item pricing on the CMs.
  • Please log in as soon as you can and check your house, house vaults, CM items, prices, and house permissions. If you have lost ownership of a house that existed BEFORE the servers went down on 1/5/2016, please let us know as soon as possible. There's only going to be a short window available to research and restore house ownership after this fix goes live.

  • When the server returns, the RP bonus on Ywain will be increased from +50% to +100%. This bonus, the Midwinter Event, and the Traveling Merchants will be extended to last through January 25th.
    • The extra, temporary potions added to the Traveling Merchants while the housing regions were down will also be removed.

Housing Update

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Jan 07 20:51 -0500 GMT

Update 1/11/16: All, we're still hard at work and on track with our fix. We hope to have a comprehensive update and server downtime notice in the coming day or two. Thanks again for your patience!

Greetings all,

As most of you know, we've had some issues with the housing zones and have had to disable them temporarily. We've been hard at work testing and re-testing our fix and still feel confident that we'll be able to restore/fix the missing and incorrect housing data. However, after testing some more today, we've found some additional issues that need to be accounted for as well. These issues will take most of tomorrow to implement into our fix, which then needs to be tested some more.

We'd be remiss to take the servers down over the weekend with it being the most popular time to play. As such, we plan on waiting until next week to institute our fix. We realize that this is much longer than originally planned and offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this causes. However, in waiting through the weekend, we'll also be spending the extra days figuring out a way to restore the items that were purchased from CMs back to those CMs without requiring affected players to appeal. This should allow everyone to move on from this unfortunate issue much faster and focus on what we all love: playing Dark Age of Camelot!

Finally, we'll be extending the Midwinter Event and RvR bonuses an extra week (at least) and will look at some additional compensation once the matter is fully resolved.

On behalf of myself and the entire team, we want to personally thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we investigate and resolve this matter. We know it's been concerning and an inconvenience to you all but the feedback and encouragement as we work towards a fix has been nothing short of amazing.

My humble thanks,

John Thornhill

Emergency Server Downtime - Housing Issue

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Jan 05 13:40 -0500 GMT
Update4: Thanks again to everyone for their patience as we address this housing issue. After a long night and coffee-filled morning, we are confident that we have a fix for the issues with the housing data that cropped up yesterday. However, due to the delicacy of the data and to be extra careful that we've got everything correct, we're going to spend the remainder of today (and possibly tomorrow) testing and re-testing that this fix is as complete as it can be.  As soon as we're comfortable with everything, we'll re-enable the housing regions and push this fix live. We will post the exact server downtime notice once testing has been completed.

This fix should address any missing houses, incorrect plat values on consignment merchants, and most other discrepencies that occured yesterday. For the most part, all housing data will be rolled back to when the server first came up yesterday. However, the houses that had items purchased from their CMs or traded from their vaults *may* still not have those items after this fix has gone live. We'll be doing our best to restore those items pre-emptively, prior to opening the servers, but may require players to file in-game appeals. 
We should be able to verify and locate any items that have gone missing and restore them, but please bare with us as doing so is a time-consuming and involved process. 

Additionally, we've added popular player potions to the Infernal Merchants' <Potion Merchant> NPC outside Castle Sauvage, Druim Ligen, and Svasud Faste. This NPC will allow players to buy omni-regen, omni-healing, water breath, and individual regen and healing potions until the housing issue is resolved. The potions are listed on the 3rd page of the merchant.

We'll have more info on everything after our testing is complete and we once again appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Update3 7:50 PM EST: Ywain is up once again with the housing regions disabled. RP bonuses on Ywain have been increased from 25% to 50% as compensation for the inconvenience. These increased bonuses will be up for the remainder of the Midwinter Event. We'll be looking at providing additional compensation for affected players once the matter is resolved. We currently do not have an ETA for when the housing zones will be re-enabled. Thank you again for your patience. See below for additional details. 

Update2: Ywain is once again coming back down. The housing regions on Ywain will be disabled and Ywain will be brought back up. Characters logged out in housing should try to login again, twice. Characters should be moved back to their bind point or to their starter town by the 2nd attempt. If for some reason your character is not moved, please file an appeal on another character, listing the affected character name(s) and server(s) so in-game support can move them for you.

The housing zones will be disabled indefinitely until a fix is found. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this causes you. Realm Point bonuses will be increased from 25% to 50% once Ywain returns.

Update 4:40 PM EST: The Ywain Server is back online!

Update notes:

  • House lot locations and associated consignment merchant inventories and prices have returned to what they were prior to the original downtime today.
  • All housing data has been reverted back to when the servers went down this morning at 5:45 AM EST. This means any purchases from the Market Explorer or consignment merchants, house ownership transfers, decoration changes, or any other changes made to houses that took place after the servers came up earlier this afternoon will be as though they never happened.
    • All other character data was untouched and players should see rp/xp gains made from after the servers came up earlier.
  • Unfortunately, several houses were erroneously flagged to be repossessed after our original downtime today. This should only be for some houses whose owners logged into housing after the original downtime and whose original house location was swapped with an inactive account. In order to fix, simply login the house owner's character to the housing zone. This should remove the condemned sign from the house's door.
    • ​Please note that after entering the housing zone on the character that owns the house, you may have to relog once more to see the house door return to normal.
      • ​If you have tried this and your house is still showing as condemned, and your account is not under a free trial and actively subscribed, please file an appeal to in-game support.

Live Server Downtime - Amazon Maintenance

Posted by John Thornhill | 2016 Jan 04 11:07 -0500 GMT
Update 11:10 AM EST: The Ywain server is back up!

The Ywain server will be coming down tomorrow at 5:45 AM EST / 10:45 AM GMT for maintenance for Amazon server hosting.

Servers are expected back up by Noon EST / 5 PM GMT.

Midwinter Celebration

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Dec 21 12:59 -0500 GMT
In celebration of the Midwinter Festival, we have the following notes for you:
  • RP, BP, XP, and crafting bonuses are now live!
  • The Frozen Medal of Honor and Frozen Cloaks of Midwinter are once again available!
  • Battleground Presents are there to be gathered!
  • The Traveling Merchants have made a surprise visit to the realms!
The Midwinter celebration will run until January 11th.

Read on for more details!

1.119 Hot Fix #2

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Dec 10 19:09 -0500 GMT
A big thanks to everyone for continuing to report issues and for your great feedback on patch 1.119!

The following notes are now live!

  • Pet-pathing when crossing the Midgard bridge into Ellan Vannin should be corrected.
  • Several collision improvements have been made to the milegates in Ellan Vannin.
  • The Albion milegate's gatehouse doors on Ellan Vannin and in Cathal Valley should now open when destroyed.
  • The Hibernia milegate's gatehouse doors now only let Hibernian players through until they are destroyed and opened.
  • The Toor Braid, Toor Sumark, and Toor Broogh guards should now be patrolling on their correct paths.
    • This should correct enemy-realm guards from spawning near Caer Boldiam's tower.
  • NPC guard hookpoints at keeps and towers should once again display and function properly.
  • The [collapsed] section of the Labyrinth Obeliks's should once again display its destination options.
  • The Otherworldly Mighty and Adept Eyes' VFX should now show up properly on Norse characters.
  • The Entropic/Somatic Longbow and Entropic/Somatic Quarterstaff recipes should now work properly.
  • The doors in the town of Ardee should once again be able to be targeted and opened.
  • Players should once again be getting credit within the walls of Howth for the Otherworlds Chapter 6 encounter in Hibernia.
  • The Otherworlds Chapter 7 encounter has had a few more guards surrounding the general removed, in all realms.
  • The Otherworlds Chapter 9 encounter has been changed so that the boss can no longer be defeated by friendly realm guards.
  • (Gaheris-only) Manannan mac Lir should spawn more consistently inside Knoc Meayll now.
  • The Earth Horse quest in Hibernia should once again be able to be accepted.
  • The 3 tutorial zones of Constantine's Sound, Grenlock's Sound, and Lamfhota's Sound have been given a new terrain texture pass.
Please note that if you are currently logged in, you will need to log completely out of the game and run the patcher in order to see some of the collision and texture changes.

MMORPG.com Sweepstakes

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Dec 09 22:57 -0500 GMT
The Holiday Season is in full swing and we're teaming up with MMORPG.com to bring you some Dark Age of Camelot prizes!

Click the link below to enter into MMORPG.com's Holiday Cheer Sweepstakes for a chance to win some great prizes, including Dark Age of Camelot game-time codes!


1.119 Live Hot Fix

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Dec 03 15:35 -0500 GMT
1.119 is out and Ellan Vannin has been a huge hit so far! We're thrilled to see everyone enjoying the new zone and have watched many an epic battle there!

Below are some fixes and notes that have just been put up to all live servers. Keep your feedback and bug reports coming!

  • The hitpoints on the Obelisk Rubble have been reduced.
  • The hitpoints on the Buggane's Obelisks have been reduced slightly.
  • The postern doors of Knoc Meayll, the underground keep on Ellan Vannin, now teleport players inside the inner gate of the keep instead of just onto the ledge inside the outer gate. 
  • Players that have obtained Uther's, Ymir's, or Cliodna's Otherworldly Resilient Cloak can now visit the Royal Illuminator in their realm's throne room to trade in their Resilient cloak for any of the 4 Chapter 9 cloak rewards.
    • Players need only have a Resilient cloak in their inventory in order to initiate the trade-in quest.
  • Personally placed scout boats, galleons, and warships can once again be driven in the frontier zones.
  • Trials of Atlantis ferry boats once again move along their pre-determined routes.
  • (Gaheris-only) Manannan mac Lir has been made more difficult.

Live Server Downtime for Patch 1.119

Posted by John Thornhill | 2015 Dec 01 17:00 -0500 GMT
Update 12:10 PM EST: All Live servers are back online!

All servers will be coming down tomorrow, Wednesday 12/2/15, at 5:55AM EST / 10:55AM GMT for patch 1.119!

Check out the patch notes below!

Important Note:
  • Please be aware that this patch will update the /realmwar map in the User Interface.
    • Custom UIs that have not been updated *should* still work but will not show the new outposts that have been added to the /realmwar map.
    • If you'd like to update your Custom UI files, please read the patch notes carefully for the files affected.


Two Pendragon Test Events - Monday

Posted by Community | 2015 Nov 29 07:45 -0500 GMT

On Monday, November 30th Pendragon will be changed to the Gaheris ruleset. The Battlegroup will be started by Nickspally, and open for all to join and help test starting at 3PM EST / 9PM CET. The test will run for two to three hours, and members of the Dark Age of Camelot team will also be present. Gaheris and Ywain will not be taken offline for this test.

On Monday, November 30th, the ruleset will be switched back to normal at 7PM EDT / 1AM CET​. The Dark Age of Camelot team with the help of some volunteers will be conducting a test event on Pendragon. The test will run for two to three hours. Ywain will not be taken offline for this test.

We will be testing all aspects of the newly revamped island, Ellan Vannin, and giving away some great prizes!